Friday, January 28, 2011

Watching the Fish at Cabela's Get Fed

A while ago I wrote a blog about bad drivers. Part of what I wrote about was the parking here at UVU and how much I hate people who stop their cars in the middle of the path and wait for a spot to open up.  I have a confession to make,  yesterday morning, I was one of those people.

Don't burn me at the stake just yet, let me justify myself.  First, let me paint you a picture.  I go to a community college which just upped its number of students, so much so that the current stat on parking is 1 spot to 6 students.  Now, this doesn't take into account the people who walk and take the bus, but I go to a commuter school (which means few people walk) and I live in Utah (which means that the only way they'd take the bus is if they woke up two hours early to do so).  Let's say, to be fair and probably pretty conservative, that it's more like 1 spot to every 4.5 people.  Either way, there aren't many spots available, and I'm surprised that no one has been shot over getting a good spot, even here in Orem. 

So, with this competition, I get to school about an hour early every day, just in case a spot doesn't open up for a while (I've almost been late before doing this, I kid you not).  Yesterday, upon arrival, I scoped out the lot and saw seven cars driving around, every spot taken, and exactly zero students walking to their cars.  I drove around a bit and finally realized that I was just waisting gas and should probably stop driving until the students came out.  So I sat.

As I sat, more cars came.  So many more that I looked in my rear view and saw a row of ten cars slowly driving the other way.  All with no real hope because students had not come out yet.  Where I was parked happened to be looking right at the main doors to one of the busiest buildings at my college, so I watched them. 

Have you ever been to Cabela's when they drop little fish into the bass and trout tank for feeding time?  If so, keep that in mind. 

The doors opened and out poured dozens of students.  I could feel the tension mounting around me.  I began strangling my steering wheel and poking out my elbows in preparation to get one of these prized spots.  I saw other drivers doing the same.  A few were unaware of the swarm of students heading our way, but I was not about to let them in on the secret.  My animal instincts kicked in, and I was going to get what I wanted.

This whole time, I stayed in the same spot.  I debated moving, but I was in a good spot.  In front of me lied dozens of spots, ripe for the picking, once students reached them.  So I sat.  That's right folks.  I was one of the squatters who was too selfish to drive around like everyone else.  I defended my own conscience by noting that cars were constantly passing me; if I moved I would probably cause an accident.  Oh, what a liar I was (Gulliver's Travels reference anyone?)

I did eventually get a spot, though I probably didn't deserve it.  I feel a little bad, but I do understand how some of these people get to be squatters.  It's not that they are the jerks I thought they were, it's that they don't want to waste gas, and once that shoot opens up that let all the fish students out into the tank lot, it's hard not to just wait for an easy meal spot.


  1. People lose their minds in parking lots. It's ugly out there. *shark fin appears* Be careful man.

  2. haha i enjoyed this almost as much as i enjoyed you telling me about it in person. I don't have a problem with parking and waiting... there should be some sort of "line" to get a parking spot. If you've been there, you get the next spot! Fair and square ;)

  3. That scene you painted really got a chuckle out of me. This is one of the reasons I'm not in a hurry to own a car.

  4. Hey!!!! I read your comment at my place today.... I hope you don't ever lose faith in your blog... Your blog is awesome my friend! And I am not just saying that!

    Happy Weekend to you and your lovely wife!


  5. I am very proud of you that you were able to see things from the other side. Of course, it took being on the other side to change your mind :P Great story though. I don't usually get upset at folks waiting when a parking lot is full - I do however get upset when there is a space 4 spots down but they are trying to get a spot right by the door. Just walk to people. It won't kill you!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) It made my day! Don't feel too sorry for us accountants - we did choose this profession. It is our own doing.

  6. I'm not a sitter, I'm a stalker. I spot someone walking to there car and drive slowly behind them until they get to it. hehehe..
    Over here, it's an unwritten law that if you have your indicator on, while waiting for someone to vacate their park, then no-one can take it, or glare at you when they have to go around you... lol! Sometimes ther are a few
    mis-haps though, resulting in "park-rage".

  7. I'm with dbs when it comes to the ocean and parking lots, I prefer the squatters to the circlers.

    Then there's Sprite; with the chanting and the stalking...Never trust a faery.;)

  8. Hi DM. I have a feeling you will recognize this.

  9. P.S. If you reveal my secret identity, I'll charge you a buck fifty ;)

  10. Well, it's not your fault the darned place doesn't cater for parking for students! My sympathies with the commute!

  11. @dbs
    Thanks for the heads up. It's like rush hour traffic, all bunched up into a tiny area.

    That would take space, time, money, and understanding between human beings. We'll never have it. :)

    It's nice owning one most of the time, but I've seriously considered taking the bus...

    Thank you. I wonder sometimes, but I'll remember your kinds words next time I think about it. :)

    I wish I had your patience and understanding. Poeple who won't walk also drive me nuts. No wonder America is so fat. :)

    We have that same social understanding, and it's respected for the most part. I'm also a stalker most of the time... I feel it's more civilized. ;)

    Then you would be scared of me most days. Circling doesn't get you a spot often, but it makes me feel like less of an ass.

    I think I do know who this is, and your secret is safe with me. Mostly because I don't have a buck fifty. Otherwise, I'd tell everyone.

    Thanks for the sympathy. I hear they're going to build a parking garage, but it won't be done until after I graduate.