Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Names Wrong and the Proper Soda to Drink with Asian Food

On Saturday night, my sister invited us to go and eat Thai food at Jasmine with her, her husband, and his friend.  I had met the friend before, but remembered his name being Colby.  My sister had a stalker named Colby, which is probably why the name was familiar (in that we often talked about he creeper).  Well, I called him Colby for about half of the night until my brother in law started talking about when he and Cody used to play football in Cody's yard, and about how they used to get flood lights so they could play well into the night.  It suddenly dawned on me, hey, who is this Cody character?  And then I looked over at our dear friend "Colby" and asked, "Hey, is your name Cody, and not Colby?"  Sure enough, his name is Cody and everyone let me call him Colby for half of the night.  What a family I have.  Luckily, Cody is a solid guy and realized that forgetting names isn't that uncommon and that I surely don't have bad feelings toward him.  I can say that I'll never forget his name again.  Man, did I feel like a dope.

On a lighter note, is there a drink that goes with Thai better than Mountain Dew.  Jasmine changed owners, and apparently soda companies because they only had Coke, and no Dew.  In my opinion, there is no soda that goes better with any Asian food than MD, and I don't think Asian restaurants should be allowed to partner with anyone but Pepsi, or Coke needs to step it up and come up with a better competitor than Mellow Yellow.  Anyway, just my thoughts on Soda (you'd think I never stopped thinking about it, huh?).


  1. My FIL calls his brother's second wife Tar-ah instead of Tare-ah and she's been in the family for about 20 years now. It's sort of a family joke (but I'm pretty sure he does it on purpose.)

  2. My biggest names Faux pas: commented that parents name kids recklessly - I mean who looks at a baby and says This is a Helgaard!'?

    The guy I was talking to was called Po - his real name was Helgaard. I'm still cringing!

  3. @dbs
    This reminds me of 17 again when he calls her Ni-omi and she corrects him: Nae-omi, and he says he doesn't care. Good stuff.

    Hahah, this is awesome! It's like asking a woman if she's pregnant and her not being, how can you wriggle out of that?