Monday, January 10, 2011

An Ode to Ruth and Ralph

I would normally have blogged on Saturday, but I had a funeral that I was a pall bearer at, and the following activities, along with hanging out with my family afterward hindered my blogging opportunities (I know, you make time, you don't find it, well I didn't make it). 

The person who died was Ruth Handley.  She lived next to me when my parents moved into the house they live in now (about seventeen years ago).  She was married to Ralph Handley and the two were inseparable.  Ralph had Parkinson's and spoke slowly because of it, but that was no hindrance because Ruth finished his sentences for him anyway (even when he didn't want her to).  When I was twelve or thirteen, clear until they moved (I think when I was fifteen or sixteen).  After I got done mowing their lawn I would come inside and talk to them for a while.  They bought diet, caffeine free Pepsi for when I came over because they didn't want to give me caffeine, though they knew I drank it plenty on my own.  Ruth would often make me brownies or whatever she thought I'd like.  I specifically remember brownies that started out as a liquid and after baking, the top would be brownie and the bottom would be a kind of chocolate syrup.  I was amazed to say the least.  I didn't know that could happen.  She also made amazing peanut brittle, something I didn't even know existed until Ruth.  Ruth and Ralph were much like another set of Grandparents to me.  Ralph, with his quiet strength, and Ruth with her spit fire attitude.  I remember them talking about their son, "Young" Ralph, who drove truck for Savage.  I can't remember what he was hauling, but they had pictures of him driving something like five beds in a row or something.  It was pretty impressive.  I remember their toy semi trucks.  I remember them telling me about their mission to Louisiana and how if you left crackers out on the counter at night they would be mushy in the morning.  They also showed me their pictures of when they went to Hawaii and told me how wonderful it was there.  I remember Ralph showing me where to spray the WD-40 on the lawn mower to make it start.  He knew so much about machines.

Anyway, Ruth was an amazing person who taught me a lot, and I thought I should write something about her and her sweet heart.  My adopted grandparents who took a couple of neighbor kids in as their own.


  1. Nice tribute. Sounds like you guys were close. Losing someone always makes us look back & remember the times shared. And I'm sure she was glad to have known you too.

  2. I'm sure you made a difference in her life too.

  3. Ruth and Ralph sound like they were great people. This is a wonderful tribute.

  4. @Vinny
    Thanks guy. We were close and both liked each other a lot. I know that our visits where a pleasure for all parties.

    @ dbs
    I hope so.

    Thanks. They really were great people, and I hope this does them some justice.