Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm. So. Cold. Part II: Paul May or May not Get Taken, He'd Never Know

So, my house is still super cold. The heating guy was supposed to come to come yesterday between three and five.  I called at five thirty asking what the deal was and they had either forgotten to put me on the schedule or they over scheduled and I got the shaft.  My wife (the pregnant one) was starving and waiting for the heating guy.  The girl on the phone asked if I could wait until six.  My wife could not, so I've got the guy here now.  He has a cool camera that shows the inner lining of my air ducts, they were filthy and making my heater overheat and shut off.  It will cost a little over three hundred to fix... so it goes.  I really can't go against the cost because I don't know how to fix it and we need heat.  It is a little awkward to sit here watching tv while there is a guy who is also named Paul, no more than ten feet from me, working on my heater.  I feel lazy, but what would I do?  Hover over the man, asking him questions about what he's doing.  It wouldn't cost me any less.  And as much as I may think he's trustworthy, I've heard too many stories to leave the house while he works... I have an Xbox dangit! :)

Anyway, I won't be surprised if one of you gets on my comments and tells me I got took.  That's what I get for not knowing much about heaters.

On a happier note, my sister and her husband got a German Shepherd yesterday.  A cut little 11 week old pup.  Very dark with tan socks.  Nice coloring.  A very pretty dog.  She is also very smart.  They bought her a raw hide bone and a rope with a tennis ball on it.  The dog liked the bone a lot, and when my sister got the bone from her and tried to give her the rope, she walked the house looking for the bone.  She should be a good dog.

Man am I cold.  I hope this guy can get this done soon.  Anyway, that's how things are on the home front.


  1. The pregnant one??? Well bring the other(s) over. Things'll heat up then.

  2. I know. I thought about doing that, but then decided that the kind of heat I'd get was a kind I wasn't interested in. :)

  3. Ughhhhhh how horrible... My Dad was a burner service mechanic all of his working life... Never had to worry about a furnace quitting in our house... Boy i hope you guys get warm soon!

  4. My hubby (bless him) pesters any tradie who comes to our house. (We rent so we have to call a tradie) We recently got a new hot water system, and hubby followed this poor guy back and forth from his van talking the whole time..lol.

  5. It's a total guy thing to feel weird when someone is working on something in your house; I can relate. And as for how much you paid...who cares? Your wife needs heat and you took care of it. Good man.

  6. @AG
    Yeah, I wish I had someone like that in the fam.

    Yeah, I had no choice but to watch him, he was ten feet from me. I tried not to though. :)

    Thanks guy, this actually does make me feel better about things. The "man of the house" in me is always scared of getting taken, but you're right, my wife's happiness is worth any price!