Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kay Jewelers

So, I bought my wife's wedding ring at Kay Jewelers.  She had explained to me what she wanted, but like the surprise addict she is, refused to go with me to actually pick it out.  I wandered the mall like so many other men in love, barely knowing what I was looking at and praying I'd get it right.  I found what she had explained, bought it, and she loved it.  We had the actual wedding band custom made to fit the ring (they didn't make it how I drew it, but my wife loved it none the less. I find it funny that whenever I bring this up in Kay the whole staff suddenly swoons over the beauty of how well the ring fits the engagement ring.  Thanks guys).

On a following Valentine's Day, my wife happened to like their really cheap heart shaped ring, and since I was an existing customer, I was able to get it at an even greater discount.  My wife hasn't asked for jewelry since...  not sure what that means.

Anyway, with these three purchases we paid for the lifetime cleaning thing, and have to drop the rings by Kay's twice a year to get them dipped, cleaned, and checked for loose stones.  Well worth the money spent, the dipping keeps them looking nice and I think they replace the diamonds if they've checked their security (not really sure about this one).

Either way, my wife usually sends the rings with me and I go through the same ritual.  I toddle up to the counter like a child who's bringing a twenty dollar bill to his mom that he found on the sidewalk, a little awkward and a little confused.  They greet me, and ask what they can do for me. 
I'm holding three tiny rings in my hands, it's a hold up.  Obviously I'm here to drop these off.  I mumble that.
What's your name?
Paul ____________. 
They continue, let's see, did you buy them at this store. 
How long ago was that? 
I don't know.  How long have I been married?  Like, two years ago.
Did you buy all the rings at the same time?
Obviously not. First the engagement, then the wedding, then the valentine's day present.  Am I really that hard to find in the system?
Let's see... Are you Paul ________?
Yes.  I just told you that.
Okay, fill out this carbon paper.
I fill it out and it asks for my phone number and address and stuff.  Instead of when I bought the rings (because I doubt anyone remembers), why don't you ask for my name and phone number?  Obviously the system has some sort of searching capability.  I wish there was some way of knowing how often they asked when a piece of jewelry was purchased and the person gave a definitive answer.
Anyway, I dropped them off and we should get them back in February.

Stores frustrate me.  Have a nice day. :)


  1. You might find that you get less complicated and possibly cheaper service from a smaller goldsmith rather than a chain. Just a thought since that's my partner's industry. Nice that your wedding band is custom made - it just adds a certain something, don't you think?

  2. We bought my ring from zales and I hate taking it back haha I feel like a moron. However, they take like 15 min to check it over.... why does Kay's take so long? Its to keep up the warranty so if something is wrong, they'll pay for it in the end. I guess Zales isn't too concerned...

  3. They really take that long to clean your rings? I got the cleaning thing from the jewlers we got my wedding rings from as well but I never used. I have had them cleaned once since then.
    My rings came as a set. I was with hubby when we bought them. The shop assistant offered them to us for half price but just for that day. so we went away and thought about it. Hubby didnt want to buy them because he thought he was being too cheep. lol.

  4. I love hearing stories like this... The choosing of the ring story.

  5. @MM
    Yeah, it prob would have been better to have gone with a smaller jeweler, oh well, you live you learn. I do think it's cool that it's custom made.

    Kay's actually ships it off to some special place. It's more than a cleaning, it's like dipped in metal again or something.

    Yeah, I wish they were quicker, but it is what it is. That's awesome that you got them for a good price. And I know what your hubby is talking about. You love the person you're marrying so much that it's hard to think that you should pay less for the symbol of that love.

    Yeah, they are fun. Few guys are prepared...

  6. He wants to get a bigger diamond put into it one day.
    "NO!" I shout holding them protectivly to me. I WOULD settle for a nice trilogy eternity ring though... just to make him happy.... right? ;)
    p.s. on our honeymoon a week later he bought me a cute little ring that I adore. It has the tiniest diamonds in it but I love it.

  7. Of course, just to make him happy. :) Your little wring was kind of what the heart shaped ring was, I think. Not very big, but very pretty. My wife loves hers too.