Friday, January 14, 2011

The Project has Officially Begun

A little while ago I blogged about an old friend asking if I'd write a screenplay with him, based on a story I wrote in high school.  We had our first meeting last night and I can say that I forgot how much I like creating stories, and specifically, how I'd like people to see them.  I was at his house, sitting at his kitchen table, trying to explain my vision to him, and trying to understand his for three hours, and it felt like I'd been there for an hour.  Before I knew what time it was my wife texted me, asking when I'd be home, and I couldn't figure out why she was asking so early, when I had really been there for like two hours.  It makes me all the more excited to get going on the project.  I'll have to relearn how to write screenplays (I learned in high school, but what do any of us remember from high school?).  Short and sweet, it was a blast. 

The real difficulty we face is that both of us are still in school, plus we have families and wives, and all the other things that keep you from projects like this.  I'm going to try and write down some of our shooting ideas before they get lost in the void of other responsibilities.  I'll try to make this a top priority this summer with his go-ahead and see how much of it I can get down on paper.  Part of the difficulty is that we are setting it up in two parts right now, and the second part is still pretty ambiguous, though the first part must be FULLY thought out before we can really work on the second.  We have thought of actors and actresses that, in our dream world, would of course play the parts for us do amazingly (they just have the look and acting style we'd want).  Anyway, just thought I'd give an update for those interested.


  1. Wow, sounds like a great project to get stuck into. Now if only I could get my Hubby that motivated. He is writing a trilogy and gets a bit on the unmotivated side. But there is nothing really holding him back from just sitting down and writing.

  2. I think that is an awesome project Paul. Definitely with all that is going on make time for it, having a creative outlet is so important for happiness in all parts of your life.. and who knows, well I know, when you become famous and sell your screenplay, don't forget us little people!

  3. If you have parts for dead people, I would be interested in playing one... LOL

  4. My friend and I did this once too. Entered a contest with a suspense movie spec script. We had a lot of fun getting it ready but there were no takers. I still look back on that with pride because we weren't afraid to dream big. I still dream big; I'm glad you do too.

  5. @Alittlesprite
    Unfortunatly, writing is as much a habit and a skill as anything else. That's actually why I blog, to keep writing everyday, even if I don't have time for THE PROJECT. :)

    Thank you. It really will be a nice creative outlet. I wish I could properly explain the energy we had going on, it was electric. And I also thank you for the confidence in me, if your confidence is not unfounded, I promise to never become a jerk.

    I'm not sure if we will, but I'll keep you in mind. :)

    That's so cool. Last night, my friend said something similar. He said that even if it never sold, if we just finished writing and drawing out the storyboard, he'd feel it a success. I'm not sure if I'm to that kind of balance, but I'm working towards it.

  6. Wow! you're on fire with this project! I wish you every success in transforming inspiration into reality!

  7. Yeah, we're really stoked. Thanks for the hope. I hope it comes to fruition too.