Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm. So. Cold.

Our heater has quit working.  That's right.  Right in the middle of winter, our house hasn't seen a temperature above sixty-three, and that was when the thermostat was set for it to be eighty.  At first I thought I would just tough it out.  I played hockey.  I have cowboy blood in my veins.  I have lumberjack blood in my veins.

But then came the realization:  I also have a pregnant wife in my house, and she is less happy about the temperature situation. 

At first, we went through the manual to see if it said anything.  It said to change the filter, which we did, and how to check and see if the pilot light works.  We did that, and while it seems to work sometimes, other times it seems to crap out, and not try again.  I'm no heating specialist, and I might be less of a handy man, so my diagnosis may be wrong.  Either way, the manual basically said, if it's not the filter: DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. So we haven't.  I stayed up most of last night playing NHL 11 and trying to turn the heater on and off to attain prime heating.  It kind of worked, in that I took my team who was 26th in the standings to 6th.  Go Penguins.  Oh, and I think I helped in raising the temp in the house around three degrees.

So, I will have the pleasure of calling a repair man.  I'll clean my house (something I was planning to do today anyway).  He'll come, he'll ask what's wrong, I'll try to sound smart, I'll sound dumb, and he'll charge me an arm and a leg to fix the problem... and we'll have heat again.  And my wife will be happy, so it'll all be worth it.

Either way, things are cool here.  Hope things are good everywhere else.


  1. That sucks! Hope you get heat soon!

  2. I wish it was cold here! Hope your heat comes back soon :)

  3. Yeah. I have totally been through the "I'll try to sound smart, I'll sound dumb" routine. I know it's annoying but I think you need a professional for this one.

  4. @ Missy
    Thanks for the hope. The guy working now seems to know his stuff, I think he'll get it done.

    I think it's funny that you wish it were cold where you are. I wish it was warm here. "The grass is always greener" huh? :)

    I hate these moments. Auto repair, Computer repair, shoot, any kind of repair you don't run into on a daily basis. I fixed our hot water heater in hopes of not dealing with it. But, I think you're right, we needed a professional for this one. He told me stuff I didn't even know today.