Monday, January 24, 2011

Someone Sent a Little Love My Way

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I've made it a point not to blog on the weekends and wouldn't you know it, that's when I get my very first blogging award.  Alittlesprite came and dropped off some love to me over the weekend and it's not until now that I've been able to address it.  I'd like to thank my wife, for putting up with my whining about views and comments, I'd like to thank Alittlsprite for noticing my little speck of a blog on the vastness that is the Internet, and I'd like to thank my parents for always believing in me.  Here are the awards, and my attempt at following the rules that go along with them:

Well, like Alittlesprite, I don't think I'll choose 15, because (again like her) I think I follow about 15, so if you'll please look to the right in the section that displays blogs I follow, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you're on my list, please take these awards and run with them.  I do feel a need to point out a few that I particularly like following though (although I think they already have both of these awards, I'll mention them anyway).

Vinny C :  Who never fails to make me laugh, along with making me think about the world at large.
Average Girl : Who is anything but average and always gives me compliments that make my heart glow a little.
Highway 10 : Who makes me wish he'd post a little more often so I can laugh at life a little more.

Of course, I would also encourage anyone to go and visit Alittlsprite, who is one of my favorite Aussies and is also a great source of encouragement and laughter.  Thanks Alittlesprite, I'll put seven things about me, or at least I think that's what I'm supposed to do.  I'd hate to not follow the rules on my first award.

Here we go:
1.  My elbows are double jointed.  They can hyper extend without me getting hurt and I can twist them around.  I've heard it looks gross.  I'd show you if I could.
2.  In High School, I played ice hockey, danced on the ballroom team, and played hacky sack in my free time.
3.  I'm currently going to school for Psychology, but plan on being a writer.
4.  I have the best family ever (you think yours is better, but it's not ;)).
5.  I have flat feet, so there's no such thing as not catching me flat footed.
6.  My favorite X-Man is Nightcrawler.
7.  My favorite band is Radiohead.


  1. Congrats! And those awards say it right. Your blog is both awesome and stylish.

    Also, thanks for the kind mention as well.

  2. Thank you sir for the kind words but... MORE OFTEN?!?!?! I was thinking that I needed to slow down... I'm kidding... I'll try, I promise.


    By the way, I'm flat footed too!


  3. Aww.. you are so sweet and very deserving. Thanks for the mention :)

  4. Congrats my friend.. you completely deserve these awards!!!

    Thanks for thinking of me darling... you made my nondescript Monday into something memorable!


  5. Those are all great blogs. Good choices. Can you actually lick your elbow then? Because I think that's supposed to be impossible.

  6. @Vinny
    Thanks guy. And the mention I gave is because you completely deserve them aswell.

    I really do wish you would. I always enjoy them, but they are just so few and far between.

    No, thank you for giving them to me. It honestly made my day. We may all be writing for ourselves,but when people notice that you put work into it, that feels nice too. :)

    Thanks so much (I will say that the self doubter in me... doubted, so it's nice to hear that people think I do deserve them). And after all the kind words you give me, I'm glad I could make your Monday into something memorable.

  7. @dbs
    They are really good ones. I would have put yours too... but Alittlsprite already said you (and public school has made me scared of copying off people).

    I forgot, flat feet unite for sure. We're always caught off guard (DnD joke), but I think we're the stronger for it.

  8. @dbs
    I need to read all of the comment before responding: I actually cannot lick my elbow, but because of the length of my arm from elbow to shoulder, not because of the angle.

  9. Yay! Congrats on that award! Awesome, indeed.