Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm. So. Cold. Part III: Things Warm Up

Well, the guy from PPM came to fix our furnace.  I learned that if you don't change your filter for an extended period of time, your furnace's duct coils will fill with the stuff your filter should collect, this will make your furnace overheat and then shut off automatically, making your house freezing.  I got the joy of writing a $327 check to a guy whose name is also Paul to clean out the coils and get my heat back on.

Paul was cool enough, but he taught me something about the ducts that go to my furnace, the only way to get into them is to cut into their sides.  How stupid is this?  Other ducts have a nice door that allows the maintenance man to get in and clean out the coils without destroying anything.  My maintenance guy got to spend five hours, ten feet away from me while I watched "Catch Me If You Can,"  cutting through metal and using a citrus smelling chemical to clean out the inside of my ventilation system.  Fun huh?  Anyway, I didn't think $327 was too bad for five hours after all was said and done.  And my wife was pretty happy about our house being a balmy seventy two degrees.  I still kind of suspect that our furnace may not be entirely fixed, but we'll see.

On a totally different topic, my first day of school was today.  My wife was really excited for me.  I'm not sure why that is, but she said it had something to do with planning out when my classes were and what I had due in them...  it's obvious she and I are different people.  She was baffled that I wasn't excited at all.  She said that I should be excited for the new teachers and new classmates that I'll get to know. That, honestly, doesn't excite me anymore.  Maybe I am getting old.

Oh, and my sister's German Shepard only woke them up once last night to go outside.  The night before, she barked and whined all night.  So, good news on that front.  Also, she loves a bone they got her, and they put it on top of the fridge to hide it from her.  My mom caught the dog trying to get atop the trash can next to the fridge.  It was obvious she wasn't trying to get into the garbage, so we suspect she has found the hiding place for the bone.  What a smart dog huh?

Anyway, that's all from this front.  Have a nice day.

Oh, one more thing, I got more than double the views last month as the month before.  Thank you all for being interested in my nonsense.


  1. Yay for heat! And the price seems reasonable to me, even though we don't have ducted heating over here so I know nothing about it :). If you want heat here you open your windows...LOL!
    That puppy sounds smart! Will proberly be pretty easy to train.

  2. apparently I can't spell this morning *Probably*

  3. Yeah, I really don't think it was an unfair price. And the dog is wicked smart. She already knows how to fetch, and it doesn't take her long to catch on to what we want her to do/not do.

  4. Your nonsense is amusing, although following a saint is a bit intimidating. Still, I think I should, because you're worth the reading of.

  5. Well thanks. And the church I belong to is, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or some know us as Mormons. As part of my blog, I wanted people to know that Mormons are people too with frustrations and normal worries. That we bleed when we get pricked and breath oxygen and stuff, so don't feel intimidated by my "sainthood." :)