Monday, March 28, 2011

My Wife Failed the Glucose Test

1. Had a great time with my Aunt, Uncle, and their kids.
2. Yoga kicked my butt in the best way possible.
3. I went like, two days without complaining.  It's a new thing I'm doing for a class where we try not to complain for 21 days straight.  Super hard, but super worth it.

Well, my wife's test came back and her glucose was two points too high.  So, she gets to spend part of her spring break sitting in the doctor's office while drinking that nasty stuff, getting her blood drawn, and being bored.  I have so much respect for her.

I know some of you have already gone through it, but for those of you who don't know the joy you feel when your blood sugar is too high:  You get to fast for twenty four hours before going in.  As an added bonus, my wife is pregnant, so she gets sick when she doesn't eat.  Then, you get to drink liquid sugar with a hint of flavoring (Mmm, Mmm, good).  Then, you get your blood drawn (think every hour on the hour) for the next three hours.  During that time, you can't leave the office, because you blood must be drawn at very specific times and if you leave, you might not make it back in time to get your blood drawn at the right time.  The office closes at four or five, so my wife can't do it on a normal day, because she teaches school, so she gets to go in on her spring break.  I also think that if you throw the drink up the test has to be done, which, because my wife is pregnant, is a virtual certainty.

On a related note, I've been thinking about how much my wife, and women in general, give to pregnancy.  Don't get me wrong, us dad's give a lot.  And, more and more, we are becoming involved in the pregnancy (not just the conception), which I am very much for.  We go to check-ups, we go to birthing classes, we help get the house together, we worry about finances, and we even help out in the delivery room.  But even with all of this, we cannot possibly understand the sacrifices that our wives make.  I'll never get diabetes because my wife is pregnant.  If I get heavier and my body is forever changed it has nothing to do with the pregnancy (unless you count stress, but I could find another outlet than food).  I've never heard of the man dying because of complications during child birth.  Women are "all in" when it comes to pregnancy in a way that we simply cannot fathom.  And I love my wife for that.  Before we "pulled the goalie" we discussed all of this.  We discussed what having a baby would/might mean for her, and there was no hesitation on her end.  She wanted to be a mommy, so long as I'd stand by her in that.  Now, I'd like to think that I've had some selfless moments in my life, but nothing I'll ever do will equal what my wife is doing right now.  Thanks babe.  You're my hero.

Have a nice day.


  1. You are so sweet! I hope she knows how lucky she is to have you! If not, I could send her My DH for the weekend...

  2. sorry to hear she has to take the test again. yuck!

  3. It is difficult for me to answer this. As you know. I am in no way trying to make you feel bad but I think you can probably appreciate the thought process of a woman who goes through IVF now to :) Sorry to hear she has to go through that test again. I know that she is thinking "It's all worth it" though. I would.

    I had high protein towards the end of my pregnancy. I had to stay in hospital a couple of times with complete bed rest, while peeing into a large brown bottle. Sounds fun

  4. Takes a bit to catch up, and of course I haven't properly - just read back a bit. This glucose test isn't routinely done in South Africa. It isn't even common! Still, I suppose better to check then not and I do hope the second round goes better!
    I look forward to hearing how not complaining worked for you - it sounds like either something that will make you very serene, or else give you ulcers! Let us know how it goes.

  5. Sorry 'bout the glucose test.

    You're wife is lucky to have you though. Sweet post.

    Like me, you'd probably totally carry the baby for her if you could.

  6. Catching up. Sorry about the test, hope the results improve next time.
    It's nice to hear how much you care. I think men often underestimate how scary pregnancy can be for women and how incredible it actually is that they want to have a second after the first. I have so much respect and admiration for their strength.

  7. @ Missy
    Haha, she actually tells me often about how gratful she is to have me. I personally don't get it. :)

    I know right? Lame sauce.

    Oh, I don't think I know what anyone is going through, I probably just appreciate it more now. :) She's fine with it. Totally a trouper through all of this, and she is just so happy to be having a baby that I think she'd do anything to make sure it was healthy.

    Yeah, it's only been recently given. My wife looked it up, and the diabetes you get doesn't really have symptoms that aren't normal to being pregnant. I think that's why they test everyone now.

    I would for sure. I always want to help, but never know what to do.

    I hope so too. The woman who called to reschedule said that me wife was only one point over, so there's a good chance things will be fine. I too have much respect.