Friday, March 18, 2011

A Couple of Women I Saw at School

1. My parents are letting me use their card table for D&D tomorrow to see if the extra space helps.
2. My wife wrote "Chest," "Rock," "Tree," and "Bush" on a bunch of squares of paper for my new D&D idea.
3. I'm still on Spring Break, which is great. :)

So, this is a little something that I wrote last semester while waiting to tutor a stats class.  I saw a couple of women that thoroughly deserved writing about, so I did while their images were still in my head.  Let me know what you think.

She lunged forward, each step calculated and stressed over, like the first steps of a baby.  Her feet were a little more than shoulder width apart, and may have been connected to her hips by broom handles under her brown pants, because it seemed she had no knees.  It was probably good that her feet were so far apart because her balance was questionable.  Her arms swung wildly to counterbalance the jerking of her hips.  Her whole body pivoted together, and the vibrations of each step made her brown curls bounce around her face.  It hurt my body to watch her, but it amazed my soul to see the determination in her eyes.

This is about the second woman:

She looked positively unfriendly.  Her eyes gazed straight forward, unless they noticed somebody looking toward them, and then they sneered at the intruder.  Her lips were painted bright red and were always puckered, as if she had something sour in her mouth that wouldn't go away.  She had been wearing this expression for so long that wrinkles formed from her lips and ran toward her cheeks.  I wondered how long it had been since that pucker had been stretched into a smile.


  1. Love it. And just so you know, as I read the paragraph about the second woman, I unintentionally attempted to make the same face that you were describing haha I'm sure that was lovely....

  2. Wow that was a pretty decent description of both women. I often see people all the time who I wonder if they have ever smiled in the life.

  3. I agree with Amanda, I didn't know that I could pucker and stretch it into a smile... Thanks for the lesson.

  4. Good characterizations. Those two should be stuck in a elevator together.

  5. Wonderfully descriptive. Sounds like Pucker Lady needs something to cheer her up...

  6. I think you were describing me in the second paragraph...

  7. @Amanda
    I honestly don't think I gave her sourness justice. She looked pissed.

    She was one of those. I wanted to tell her a joke or something.

    I don't know if she could either. I tell you, it was sour!

    That may just be a future post, but I honestly don't know if the sour woman would ever say anything. :)

    I agree. I don't know what though...

    I'll try and figure something out. :)

    I doubt it. You're smiling in your pic... I don't think she's EVER smiled. :)