Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bad Things Happen in Threes

So, I've written about a couple of bad things that have happened lately, both The Check Engine Light and the furnace, and thought you all might like to hear updates (because there are some) along with the third thing that was bound to happen.

I took the car in to get the light looked at and they found that the gas filter had not been changed in the lifetime of the car (my dad laughed when I told him this, I know nothing about cars, but he said it should have been changed considering how old the Kia is), and that it was probably the issue.  So they changed it out, and the light turned off.  They said I would need to drive it for a while before we knew if the light would stay off.  It came back on while I was on my way home from the shop.  So, I took it back in, they checked for a code with their little machine, and found nothing wrong.  So they reset it, and the light came back on about a day later.  They said to bring it back in, and I just haven't had time.

Paul, from the furnace fixing place, came to look at my furnace after it continued to do poorly after he worked on it.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it was working fine when he came, so he really couldn't do much.  He did tell me what to look for, and I've figured out that it's good on the restart, meaning that it works fine when we first turn it on.  The issue comes when it has reached heat, shuts off, the house cools off, and it tries to start back up on its own.  The motor seems to work fine, it just won't light.  So, my good buddy Paul is coming again tomorrow to look at it.

And, just when we thought we wouldn't have to pay through the nose again, my laptop gave me the SMART system error of death, saying that my hard drive was on its way to destruction, and that if I wanted to keep any of my stuff, I'd better back it up.  I took it to Steve, at the HP computer fixing place, and he's giving me a new hard drive.  The hard drive will be like one hundred bucks, and who knows how much his time is worth?  Again, Paul may get took, he'd never know...  Either way, I've gotta get it fixed.  This is why my following of blogs as of late has been a little sketch.  My parents have been awesome enough to let me borrow their computer, and I try to catch the computer lab at school when there's not a class going on (the library computers give you a notice about getting off if you're not doing school related stuff), but I have very little time to be on here.

So, the adage seems to be true, bad things do happen in threes.  Thank heaven all three have happened and we don't have to worry... unless we're getting a double dose.  Let's all pray for the single.


  1. I wonder if someone were to keep track of all the bad things that happened in their lifetime if the total number would be divisible by three...

  2. I sometimes try to find 3 things in the 1 bad thing that are wrong - to try to fool the "3-things" rule. It sometimes works - it sometimes doesn't ;)

    I hope this was a single for you buddy.

  3. My little netbook started with the death screen recently. I've backed-up my data but the poor little guy's old. I'm surprised it lasted this long. I've been putting off upgrading as long as it still works but I may not have the luxury for too much longer.

    I'm hoping you have only a single-dose too.

  4. I don't believe in the "threes" thing but I guess that's easy for me to say since mine is the fourth comment.

  5. @UD
    I'd say it's almost a certainty.

    Sounds to me like you're a system beater. I'll have to try it. Even if it doesn't work all the time, sometimes would be nice.

    Mine isn't too old, but it's getting there, espeically with how things are made these days. I hope both yours and mine last a good, long time.

    Hey man, you can decide to not believe in the truth all you want, that's up to you. ;)

  6. Sigh. I'm on a half dozen and counting... As for getting specialists to look at things that won't behave - I think the appliances, vehicles, whatever it is get scared that their guts are going to get ripped out - so they behave - at least until the expert is out of sight!

  7. I have a hard time not believing the same thing you do. It's like children who magically get better because they don't want to see the doctor.

  8. The Kia may start costing you a WHOLE lot of money. Korean engines cost alot to fix. The hard drive issue is one many people just don't know about. I love having an IT hubby, buying wholesale definatly brings the cost down on anything that needs fixing.

    Sorry for your run of bad things.

  9. @AC
    Me too...

    Yeah, and when it does we'll have to buy a new car (well, one that's new to us). We plan on driving this baby into the groudn though. We'll see what they mechanic can do...