Friday, February 4, 2011

The Dangerous Brother Rabbit

To keep with my decision, these are the three things that went well yesterday:
1. My last class got cancelled.
2. The school got this cool new hand dryer that I got to try out.  It says it has an 'air blade' that you put your hands in, and it dries your hands super fast.  I thought it was neat.
3. I got to eat a bowl of icecream.  It was nice.

So, on to blogging.  I thought I'd throw on a story I've been formulating for the past few days.  It's much like Aesop's Fables, but, you know, written by me.

Mother Rabbit lived in a very nice valley.  One that was not reachable by humans' guns, and had not been found by wolves' claws.  Mother Rabbit often gazed at her reflection in the pool that sat in the middle of this beautiful valley.  She would notice her white fur, and how nice it looked against the blue sky.  She would then nibble on blades of grass, and if she wanted a treat, would find some of the clover that grew in patches within the valley.  Everything she needed was there, including a large bush that grew next to pond.  The bush was important for when a hawk or eagle would fly over and see the white fur against the green grass.  She could hide in that bush and be safe from their talons.  Occasionally she would long for some friends, because few came into the valley.  She did meet the occasional rabbit and eventually was with child (how about that for 'political correctness')

On a warm summer's day, Mother Rabbit rested by the pond, and while there, Blue Jay passed by (he came every so often), and talked with Mother Rabbit.

"Did you know that Wolves are just on the other side of the mountains?"
"Why no.  Why are they there?"
"The weather has pushed them here.  You have some time, but I would guess they'll be in this valley before next summer."
"That is very bad news."
"Very bad news in deed.  I am very sorry, but you will probably need to move soon."

This news troubled Mother Rabbit.  Her bunnies would be old enough to get away by next summer, but leaving the valley would be sad.  It had been a safe, wonderful place, with few predators and plenty of food.  She did not want to move, but knew she would need to.

When her bunnies came, they were all girls, except for one little boy, who was very stubborn.  Mother Rabbit would often tell her children that they would need to move before next summer.  She said that the valley was very safe now, but that it would soon have wolves in it, and then it would not be safe anymore.  Along with these words, she taught her children to look in the reflection of the water and call out if they saw a hawk circling so that they could all hide in the bush.

Things went well through the whole year.  All of them got along and found great safety in the bush, especially Brother Rabbit.  He wouldn't go more than ten hops from it so that he could get to it quickly.  He knew that the bush would keep him safe, and that nothing in life beyond ten hops away from the bush was needed.  He wouldn't even go farther to get a taste of clover, because he knew the bush was safe.

The seasons passed and spring was almost over when Mother Rabbit told her children that they would need to move.  They all packed what few posessions they had and got ready to leave.  All except Brother Rabbit.  He did not want to go.  The valley had all they would need and the bush was safe.  Mother Rabbit explained again that wolves were horrible creatures, and that they would kill any rabbits that they found.  The bush kept them safe from birds, but would not keep them safe from wolves.  Still, Brother Rabbit would not budge, and with a sad heart, Mother Rabbit was forced to leave him there in the valley for the good of the family.

Just as Blue Jay had said, the wolves came in summer.  At first, they just came down a little, and Brother Rabbit hid in the bush, wondering if he should leave before they got any closer.  He then remembered how safe the bush had been when birds flew overhead.  So, he stayed there.  Blue Jay's prophecy continued to come true though, the wolves moved into the valley.  And just as one might expect, Mother Rabbit's prophecy came true aswell, and on a warm evening, when Brother Rabbit was by the pool, the wolves saw him.  He ran to hide under the bush that had protected him so many times, but the branches were not strong enough to keep the wolves out, and they broke in, and gobbled Brother Rabbit up.

Sometimes, the place you think is the safest is actually the most dangerous.

Anway, have a nice day.


  1. So - should we live in paranoia when we feel "safe" that we are just fooling ourselves?

  2. That above - was just a thought - loved the story though!

  3. Hi Paul! I have an award for you over at my place.

  4. This story reminds me of "who moved my cheese." When it's time to change/move, just do it. It's for your own good. :) I think I needed this story today... I will tell ya about it later.

  5. 1. slept in till 9:30
    2. made awesome coffee-coconut macaroons
    3. read a nice story ;)

    Loved the story. Well written and descriptive.
    Poor little boy bunny :( He, like so many was afraid to go out of his Comfort zone.

  6. 1. Went to bookstore
    2. Movie night
    3. Enjoyed a good fable
    Have a great and restful (blueberries) weekend (bluebeeeeries).

  7. Ice cream is crack cocaine in my house.

  8. @Shelby
    Fables are what you take them for. If you want to live in paranoia, be my guest. :)

    Oh, ma goodness, I'll have to go over and look. Thanks so much for it, whatever it is. Unless it's "The lamest blog I follow" award, in which case I'm offended. ;)

    You never told me why you needed it. Tell me why. :) I do love "who moved my cheese" though. Good stuff.

    I'm so happy you shared what happened to you that was good. It's nice to hear. And I'm glad my story made the list. As for the bunny, I have just seen so many people (inlcuding myself) miss oppertunities and end up in bad situations because they refused to change.

    thanks for putting good stuff that happened to you. And I will try the blueberries. They're a bit expensive, but whatever makes me less tired...

    Ours too. My wife and I both love it. Our kids are doomed...