Monday, February 7, 2011

I Finally Did It

1. The team I wanted to win the Super Bowl did (first time in like six years, I'm not even joking)
2. My car made a dinging sound that reminded me that I needed to turn off my lights.  My battery will not be dead after school today.
3.  My dad made his jalapeno dip thicker, like I recommended, and it rocked.

On to blogging.  I finally did it.  A few weeks ago, my wife and I sat down and made me a calendar.  I am usually a lot happier when I'm productive, and I'd been feeling down (which usually means that my productivity had gone down).  We made a calendar so that, for each day of the week, I would know what I was supposed to do, and I could do it, making me more productive and more happy.  Well, some of you may not know this, but I hate waking up.  My idea of Hell would be an eternity of 5 o'clock mornings, I'm not even joking.

So, part of my schedule was to wake up at eight and get going on doing productive things (like laundry and homework), and I bet you won't guess, but for the past week or so, I've only gotten up early enough to get ready and get to school.  Because I'm a self-loather, I would beat myself up about not being able to wake up early enough to get anything done, which would only make me feel worse about everything in general, and the calendar would end up being more of a hindrance than a help.

This morning, I'm so excited to type this, I got up on time.  Yep, I woke up, I got in laundry room, did some laundry, got in my living room, did some homework, and now I'm here at school writing my blog (because my computer is still not fixed).  Everyone, I feel great.  Anyway, just thought I'd let you know.

Have a nice day.


  1. My life is hell to you HAHA I dont know why but that's funny.

  2. I love feeling productive. It sure beats being bored!

  3. Mornings are evil. Plain and simple. And don't talk to me until I've had some coffee. I turn back into a human then. :)

  4. Instant gratification isn't it?

    Glad to hear you're taking my blueberry suggestion, they're worth the price!

    February is a busy month for me, so I won't have much time to post, but my contribution to yawny Mondays is going to be something that's short and funny.

  5. Wow! Good for you sir.

    I hit the snooze eight times this morning, dropped my car off at the shop, walked to work in the thick wet snow, got seventeen comments about my wet hair while at work, got a call about my car and it needs a bunch of crap done, falling behind on work because I keep taking bathroom breaks because my stomach is reacting poorly to the FIBER-ONE bar I ate this morning, and now it's lunch break.

    I'm guessing my salad is spoiled and later I'll be fired.

  6. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait up... Laundry & homework before school! I think I'm tired just reading it.

  7. SMILES FOR YOU! Great job. I just wanted to say "woo hoo".

  8. @Amanda,
    I don't see how this post has anything to do with me thinking your life is hell... but okay! :)

    Amen! :)

    I agree. I hate mornings so much. My body just isn't chill with the schedule it's on.

    I haven't had time, but I'll run give it a look.

    Sounds like that was the way your day was going for sure.

    I know right? I rock so hard. :)

    Thank you. :)