Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Isn't it Odd That 'Blogspot' Came Up as a Misspelled Word When I Used the Spellcheck Button?

In my Positive Psych class we did an exercise that got me thinking.  The exercise was first done on a group of people who were severally depressed (like, couldn't get out of bed in the morning severe).  They were asked to write down three things that happened to them that day that were good, every day, for some span of time.  After it was over, 94% of them felt more hope and saw their depression symptoms get better.

I wrote down these three things: 1.  I had a nice chat with my mom.  2.  My mom bought me lunch.  3.  I got some good feedback on my blog.

I got done with mine quicker than most, and started thinking about a few things.  First off, in case I haven't said this before, I'll say it now, my mom rocks hard.  In our chat she showed me some material that her and my sister had bought to make 'receiving' blankets for the baby.  My wife didn't want to find out what we're having, so the two of them bought material for both genders.  Not  just for two blankets though.  They bought material for, I think, twelve blankets all together.  Something like, 5 girl blankets, 4 boy blankets, and 3 that were gender neutral.  My mom says there were just too many cute ones to choose from.  This is so typical of the two of them.  They get so excited about things in life that will bring joy to themselves or others.

After I thought about my mom and sister for a while, I thought about my third thing.  The Blog.  I only started three months ago, but have been so very impressed by the community that I find here.  I've been to a few other places on the Internet, and have found so much negativity and anger.  Yet, here at ol' blogspot, I've found none of that.  Sure, we all complain about things that aren't going right, but there is always a kind comment, or a funny remark to make it all not seem so bad.  I'd like to thank all of my blogger friends here.  Thanks for laughing with me and writing encouraging things, both in the comments and on your own blogs.  I think we sometimes help more than we think we do.

It was pretty amazing how it felt to think of what was going right.  I really do have a very good life.  After we wrote them down, we all had to share one of the things that had gone right that day. It was amazing to hear what everyone had to say, and even more amazing to feel the energy that was built in the room.  So, if you feel so inclined, I'd like it if people would write down something that is going right for them down in the comments (or really you can write whatever you want, even if it's something that's going wrong).  Anyway, have a nice day.


  1. I can say after thinking for a moment, I can think of three things in my life that make me happy on a daily basis. My wife, My mother and my close friends! I know for a fact without certain people, such as the author of this blog, I wouldn't be where I am today!

  2. Im so glad I read this today, because something amazing happened today.

    all of our wedding photos were given to us on a cd as thumbnails, and the photographer went out of business and disappeared. I was practically crying at work when I realized I would never get a blown up version of any wedding photo ever.

    My mom saved the day and found a whole pile my dad had taken (who is a pretty decent photographer) so I can at least have my one blown up wedding photo for our family room YAY!

  3. the best part of my above story though is the one hour instant messaging conversation trying to explain to my mom how to zip all the photos and email them to me on her mac. yikes.

  4. Well, I already mentioned that I'm happy to be able to see my wife on regular week days & not only weekends thanks to her work rescheduling. That rocks!

    Thanks for reminding me not to wallow in my self pity.

  5. I love this idea! Finding the good things to think about instead of focusing on what makes you miserable should be a requirement for everyone's day. But anyway, here's mine. Today is a school snow day (Hello, midwestern blizzrd!) and instead of my three year old waking up at 6:00 or 6:30, he slept until 7:15. AND instead of running into our bedroom to let us know he was awake, he got up, turned his light on, and started playing in his room!

  6. That's a really interesting experiment. I've battle Clinical Depression for most of my life. I think I'll give that a try. Thanks!

  7. hmmm... something good... well yesterday I got the news that the Newspaper that I just started writing for was shutting down... so I sent a thank you to the publisher and editor for allowing me the opportunity to write for them and they sent me an email offer me an opportunity to write for another one of their papers with a larger circulation... so that was awesome! There's my brag for the day!

    Great idea Paul!

  8. Great post!
    I want to see pics of those blankets!!

  9. 1. I got to know a friend better when I took him out to lunch.
    2. I was awarded the "Awesome Award" from one of my friends for helping him out today. He even sent me a picture of it haha:
    3. I get off work in 45 minutes and can go play with my dog who loves me EVEN when I don't take him on a walk.

    4. (I know...cheating by going over) - I got to read this blog and it made me smile. I love reading your blog updates!

  10. Hitting the lottery of life and always having access to clean water, food and health care.
    Everything else is a bonus.

  11. 1. My girlfriend (although she is currently sick, I get to see her tomorrow :D)
    2. I've begun researching quantum entanglement and its really confusing, meaning it's going to take awhile (a good thing for me)
    3. People have responded with praise and good advise to the book I'm writing.

    I'm not depressed and hopefully never will be, but I think I might do this on a daily basis anyways.

  12. 1. It was +3 today: that's a big deal in early February where I live.
    2. So many kind words from friends.
    3. Making supper for my family.
    P.S. Blogging has been really good for me too and partly because of you. Thanks.

  13. Paul, I totally agree with you. I used to be on Yahoo360 and the drama on there was enough to drive me from it. I love Blogger and the people I have met on it. You included!
    My three things are :
    1. went BACK to the Bookfest today!
    2. Woke up NOT feeling like I needed two more hours sleep
    3. It's only four days till our holiday.
    4. Oh! and all my family and friends up north are safe after the Cyclone.

  14. 1. Seriously getting better at cooking
    2. Something at work made me feel COMPETENT
    3. My Wife got promoted really quickly at her job

    I know the third is something that technically happened to my wife, but let's be honest, if good things are happening to her, you could punch me in the nuts, and I'd probably still be all, "yeah, whatever, my baby's happy!".

  15. @Horde
    That's so nice of you to say. I don't think I'd do well without you either. I think people really can be our greatest source of happiness.

    That's great! I dunno what my wife would do if we didn't have our pics... I hate to think of it. I also like that you taught your mom how to send them. To be honest, I don't know if I could figure it out on a Mac...

    I am really happy for you two to be a couple again ;). And I'm not saying you can't wallow in self pity, I'm just asking that we remember the good things too.

    Your kid deserves a gold star for sure. My wife is pregnant with our first, and I have a feeling I'll understand your comment even more in like, five years...

    I also suffer from depression. I don't think as severe as yours, but I suffer none the less, and I know that even coming up with three things is hard some days, but you're right, just about anything is worth a try. :)

    That's so freakin cool! Congrats! I didn't even know you wrote for a newspaper. What kind of columns?

    I'll see what I can do. You'll probably have to hound me about getting them on here. I'm forgetful. :)

    Well, let me try to hide my blushing face. I'm glad my blog makes you smile. AND I'm glad those other nice things happened to you. Aren't pets wonderful? What with their unconditional love. :)

    I remember one Chris Rock joke that I liked a lot, he said some statistic about white people being depressed and he said, "Hey, you're white. Smile." :) I think you're right, we are so much better off than we think, simply because we've grown acustomed to what we think of as 'basic.'

    It is nice to see loved ones again, learning is great, and nice feedback is... well, nice. I'm happy things are going well. I think I'm going to make this a daily thing too. My depression isn't as bad as it was, but I don't think it's just a cure for depression, it's a good way to make happy people happier.

    It's cold here in Utah, but not that cold. :) I also enjoy making dinner. I neeed to do that more often. And you're making me blush just like Shelby. My goodness. :)

    To be honest, I don't do much on the net anymore, but check facebook and blog, just too much negativity. I'm so happy you got to go back to the bookstore (it sounded sweet). I wish I could wake up not needing more sleep... lucky girl. And holidays and family also rock. You do have some good things happening for you. And you made me blush just like dbs and Shelby. I wasn't fishing for all this love, but it's nice to have.

    Very nice. And spouses are totally tied together, in good happenings and bad.