Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Ode to My Sister

1. Class was cancelled.
2. My heater is fixed and working (I think for good)
3. The Check Engine light hasn't come back on in my car

We don't talk too deeply, too often. Mostly because I have the tendency to put my foot in my mouth and make matters worse.  We've always been different.  Very different.  I ran inside the school excitedly on my first day, while my mom had to stay with her for her to be willing to stay in the classroom.  I have blond hair, blue eyes, and a light complexion, while she has brown hair, brown eyes, and olive skin.  I like fantasy, she likes reality.  But amid our difference, we have a lot of similarities.  We both love spending time with our parents.  We both love God.  We both value honesty, honor, and virtue.  We've often said we're the same where it really counts.

She's probably the most responsible person that I know in our age group.  She always has a plan.  Always.  Whether it's for life, or for hitting the Las Vegas Strip, you always know what's next when you're with her.  She cares about other people, more than she lets on.  She loves to laugh, and to talk, when you get her on the right subject of course.  She has strong opinions, with, arguably, stronger convictions.  If she says she'll do something, you can bet she will.  She'll make fun of you for doing something stupid, but be there for you when the shit hits the fan.  She'll cry with your losses, laugh at your jokes, and most importantly, be excited for your successes.

Among the people who know my wife is pregnant, she's fighting for first as to who's most excited.  She told me last Sunday that she can't wait to hold my infant.  She's determined to be the favorite aunt.  She loves preparing, and thinking about what we'll do with the baby.  "We'll take it walking with my dog!"  She's says "In the stroller with Zuka on a leash."  She often talks about baby "J" (the name she's given our child because both of the names we've chosen start with J).

She's been one of my best friends, strongest allies, and greatest strengths.  Always willing to back me when I'm right, and put me in my place when I'm wrong (in her eyes anyway ;)).  I'll always love my little sister.

Have a nice day.


  1. Thank you Paul. I may or may not have read this like 6 times in a row and then started crying at work haha You're the best brother, you really are. And just so you know, I found some sweet stuff online that I'm gonna buy for baby J :)

  2. Paul, you need to add "and one cool brother" to your About Me.

    People like you bring a positive balance to humanity. Glad to have met you. You rock!

  3. Dude, you're going to make me cry! I'm way too emotional for this kind of heartfelt writing!

    Great stuff.

  4. I have two sisters, both younger than I am. The first one is as different from me as night is from day. She's the party girl & I've always been shy & awkward. Understandably, we argue like cats & dogs. To many metaphors. I'll stop now. You are a great brother.

  5. @Amanda
    You do rock pretty hard. I just couldn't stop thinking about it.

    Thanks guy. You're pretty awesome too.

    Thanks guy. That was my aim, to make you cry. :)

    Thanks man. I really think brothers and sisters, no matter how different, have a special bond.