Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a Quick One

Well, gotta make this quick.  I'm on a school computer once again because my computer crashed again, therefore, I need to be on a short enough time to not make it seem like I'm not doing school stuff.  I'd like to welcome my new follower, yeah, I see you there.  And apologize to everyone for not posting yesterday.  I honestly was not able to get to a computer all day long (or at least I didn't make enough of an effort).

I'm amazed at how things are still not working: my computer is down, my furnace is still acting up, and the check engine light still shines.  One day everything will get fixed.  I'm amazed at how I don't get everything done in a day that I need to.  I need to call those three people, and our cable box keeps making a loud beeping sound because its battery is almost toast and the people who technically own it need to come and replace it. So many phone calls, so little time.  Have you ever noticed that you never remember to call people until you're driving your manual transmission home, it's almost five, and you don't feel like getting into an accident?  Why is that?  Anyway, here are my three.  For all of you who are still being awesome and reading my blog, I promise I'll catch up on all of yours as soon as my computer gets its act together.  Which will only happen when I call the shop.  Ugh, gotta get that done.

Oh, my three
1. I got a wicked awesome parking spot today.
2. My team in NHL 11 swept the San Jose Sharks and is playing the Devils for the Stanley Cup.
3. My Positive Psych teacher didn't ask to see our binders that hold all of our homework.  I have like, 1/6th done.


  1. My three for the day:
    1. I had curry for breakfast!
    2. I get to take an exam today and do good.
    3. I have lots of love in my life.


  2. I am also playing catch up! Life has kicked my butt the past few days!

  3. @HS
    Thanks for sharing. :)

    It's rough isn't it? Things will get better though. :)