Sunday, December 5, 2010

You Can't Have Your Pie and Eat it Too

So, I have beef with my wife.  Before we were even married I bought her an All-Clad sauce pan.  I bought it so that she would have a nice pan to make candy in (mostly carmel).  She makes AMAZING carmel, and of all the parts of Christmas I cannot stand, the part I do like is my wife's carmel.  She claims that she makes it all the time, but I honestly can't remember when the last time was.
The Pan

Granted, it is work, and it is time consuming, but such is the Christmas season.  She was listening to Christmas music yesterday when I came home from tutoring a stats class, and I didn't even get mad, though she knows the rules.  As the saying goes, you can't have your pie and eat it too.  She can't just enjoy her favorite parts of Christmas without putting in the work.  I would even help her make it, so I'd be putting in my half.

And on a related note, it really is hard to buy presents for her.  I know I've already ranted about this, but in our time together she has received the pan, a large cooking pot, an ipod, a candy thermometer, and a giant mixing bowl.  All things she claimed she wanted, but all of which she seldom uses.  This year I bought her gloves and a hat, and we're sharing the Rock Band game.

Either way, I'm just looking for some carmel.  If I have to deal with the rest of the season I should get something for it.


  1. I always beg my wife to make her poppycock each Christmas so I can relate but I suggest you be very careful with the gifts and to emphasize my suggestion, please watch this video:

  2. I've seen this, but it doesn't relate to my wife. She really does like pragmatic gifts. I've tried to get her fun stuff, but she always wants the usable stuff more. She almost asked for a tile cleaner. That's REALLY what she wanted. At first I thought she was lying, and got her other things, but she always says that it's nice, but would have liked the pragmatic one. Weird, I know.