Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The First Time My Wife Threw Up

So, I wrote a couple of posts, back when my wife was pregnant and no one knew.  I saved them, so that I could post them once we told the world about our "little miracle." (I'm debating trying to sound as weird about this pregnancy as possible...)
Let me set the scene.  I was flossing my teeth, she was taking a bath.  She leaned forward to grab the shampoo and started gagging.  She had gagged before, so I wasn't too worried.  I asked if she was going to be okay, and if she needed to use the toilet.  She looked worried, so I lifted the seat and continued flossing.  She gagged a few more times and looked VERY panicked, so I walked to her and helped her span the bathtub, feet bracing against the back of it, and head heaving up the Sonic chili cheese tots we ate for dinner.  I held her hair and thanked God that watching people throw up doesn't make me throw up.  What a nice moment.  This was on the very first day of the eighth week.

To be honest, she hasn't felt very good since.  I often think she's mad at me, or frustrated, or something, so I ask, but she just answer that she feels sick.  They say this should subside here in the second trimester, but things aren't looking much better.  I even got her preggi pops, which seem to help a little, but not enough to make her feel totally better.  Pray for me would ya?


  1. You're in for quite an exciting, confusing, unforgettable ride and this is just the beginning. And yes, I will pray for both of you.

  2. There will be times when she will be mad at you for no particular reason. And not to forget the sudden random bursts of tears! BUT just remember that she has all these new hormones in her body and she isn't being angry and weepy on purpose. I'm sorry she dosen't feel very well. Poor thing.

  3. As usual, Alittlesprite gives good honest advice.

  4. @dbs
    Haha, I'm already getting an inkling of what you're talking about. And, you're right, Alittlesprite does always give good advice.

    I do keep telling myself that. It does get a little frustrating from time to time. The hard thing is that she'll get mad at me, then cry because she knows she's gotten mad at me for no reason. I can't win. :)