Thursday, December 2, 2010

In Retrospect, I Probably Get Sucked in Because I Love Spending Time With My Wife

Among my sisters many strengths is her ability to be able to be mildly persuasive without being the least bit pushy.  This you must know first to understand my post.  You'll also need to know that she likes Facebook games, not the fast paced puzzle ones, but the ones where you work very hard to build a system, the ones like Simcity.  I suppose you'll also need to know the story from it's beginning.  My wife and I decided that it probably started one year ago, possibly to the day, but there is really no way of telling.

Just before Christmas, my sister started playing the Zoo game.  My wife and I watched as she and my mom collected different animals from tigers to water buffalo.  At first, the game seemed a little goofy, but the more we watched the more impressed we became with their number of animals, and the variety, and the gamer inside of both of us awakened: "What if you were to put this there?"  We'd ask.  "How many of those can you produce in a day?"  "I'll bet you could..."  And so our Christmas free time was captured by mating animals and trying to obtain five starts (the most stars you could obtain in the game).

By the middle of January we had obtained our five stars and were a bit disappointed with the anti-climax of it all.  Nothing really happened, not even pixelated confetti.  So, I decided not to play Facebook games again.

In the summer following we bought an Xbox 360.  It has most of the games I really like.  After hearing I was getting Assassin's Creed II for my birthday or Christmas, I decided to buy Assassin's Creed I, because the storyline is half the fun, and it starts in I.  How could I fully enjoy II without having played I?  Plus, it was ten bucks at Gamestop.  I began playing it a couple of weeks ago.  During that same time my sister and mom started playing some kind of desert island game, and when I saw it I quickly put up my defenses.  I could see no end goal.  The two of them would dig up treasure, but it seemed you could do nothing with said treasure.  I was safe from Facebook gaming.

Then, last night, we saw my sister playing "Simply Hospital."  It was just the kind of game to spark our gamer interest.  It is based on setting up a system in a hospital, gaining the right doctors and rooms and letting it run.  It does ask that you click on each patient, though you don't have to, to "cheer them up."  My wife and I played it until a little after midnight last night.

Let me remind you, I own Assassin's Creed...

Assassin's Creed....

ASSASSIN'S CREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 (Just after pasting this one I saw like five more I thought should be included)

Why was I playing "Simply Hospital?"

I can only chalk it up to my sister being highly persuasive...  Sister, how do you do it?

Either way, I think my wife and I have our Facebook Christmas game for the year.  Though this one seems significantly harder than the zoo one.  We haven't figured out the magic glitch that makes things go smoothly, and the only one we can really see is paying real money, which we won't do.

Anyway, I recommend checking out Simply Hospital.  If you find a glitch that has nothing to do with our hard earned green backs let me know.

Just one more,

Such a pretty game...


  1. I was once, okay twice, okay three times addicted to Rollercoaster Tycoon.

  2. I have 66 cats with Happy Pets! LOL

  3. As someone trying to get the World of Warcraft monkey off my back right now I must admit that Farmville - of all things - was once my secret shame.

  4. @ dbs
    I never participated in that one, but I have a friend who did. It seemed addictive.

    Congratulations. I've never actually seen Happy Pets, but I think I'll stay away for my own sake. :)

    My sister and Mom do Farmville. And at least WOW is a legitimate game (I didn't personally like it, too much travel time).