Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Best Burrito

My birthday is coming up and because of pragmatic reasons we decided to do my birthday dinner last night (mostly it was because we had so much family here).  We went to Chipotle.

I went on an LDS mission to Minnesota where I first tasted Chipotle.  I was a little confused at first.  So many choices to be made for just a burrito, but I soon learned the proper combination:  Fajita burrito, two tortillas, double rice, barbecoa, mild sauce, corn sauce, cheese, and guac (it costs a lot, but is totally worth it).  This is the best burrito.  And, ever since figuring this out I have always wanted Chipotle.  Unfortunately, there was no Chipotle in Utah... until the one came to Sandy.  It's a bit of a drive from my house, but my family now knows where we are going for my birthday dinner.  We are going to Chipotle.  To be honest, I can't figure out why everyone doesn't choose Chipotle for theirs.

I wish I had something deeper to share about this, but I really do just want to share how great Chipotle is.  If you get the chance, get the best burrito.


  1. The Pic goes off the screen, and I don't care.

  2. The pic speaks volumes. When it comes to good burritos I say the bigger the better.

  3. Yes, indeed. Chipotle is the best burrito. Period.

  4. This is a pretty deep subject. I am reading that you were neglected as a child, denied mexican food... LOL

  5. @ Vinny
    I completely agree. When my burrito gets to the rolling woman, she always gives me a look of frustration, and in that moment, I know I've told them to build my burrito correctly.

    Thanks for the Amen.

    Hahah. Now that I've read your comment I'm starting to remember all kinds of childhood trauma. Have you thought about being a therapist?

  6. Have NO idea what a Burrito is, and the thing in the picture is covered in alfoil so I STILL don't know what it is!
    Is it a wrap thingy?

  7. @ hot girl

    Burritos are a Mexican food. The traditional one is refried beans, cheese, and some kind of sauce rolled in a corn or flour tortilla. The difference between a burrito and a wrap is what goes in it, wraps are usually made with sandwich or salad filling, while burritos usually have beans, meat, cheese, salsa, guacamole (an avacado based sauce), rice, or any other Mexican type food. If you ever come to the states, get one. They're really good, especially from Chipotle.