Friday, December 17, 2010

Helping Move

I am coming to tonight because I was helping my brother in law move this morning.  He has been living in central Utah while she has lived at my parent's for about four months now because of work, and he moved back up here today.  To say the least, it has been a tough four months for all of us (I don't know if I need to add in: especially for them).

His moving here has been a conversation piece for a couple of months.  "Won't it be great when he's here again?"  "I wish he were doing this with us."  "It's just not the same without ______."  We're all very excited to have his sense of humor, his laugh, and a great rock band guitarist, with us more often than the occasional weekend.

The move went fine.  My sister, mom, and brother in law went down last night and my dad and I met them this afternoon.  They had busted it, so it was almost all done except a few big heavy things that we had to throw in the truck.  We were going to try and spread it out over the weekend, but if you're watching the weather in Utah, you  know that a storm's a comin', and we didn't want the big moving van to have to drive in the snow.

Anyway, this is me saying, welcome back _-___, we missed you.


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  2. Woops! made a complete shamozzle of that comment..
    anyway what I'd like to say is that it's nice to have family living close by.
    Second last time we moved I sprained my ankle and I felt so bad sitting there while everyone else worked so hard.

  3. It really is nice. I hurt my ankle that day, but luckily it wasn't a sprain, so I could still help some.