Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Must Have Made an Impression

I ran into the wife of a buddy that I had in high school, but haven't seen since.  We exchanged pleasantries and she said that her husband kept saying that he and I should do lunch.  That seems pretty common, considering that we haven't seen each other in forever, but then she said he kept talking about a project he wanted to do with me.

It should be said that he and I were friends in a Creative Writing class in high school with the illustrious Pat Johnson.  I wrote a story that I'm still pretty proud of (at least the general idea, it definitely needs work) in that class, and my buddy remembered it and said he had been thinking about making it into a screenplay for the past year or two.  It was something of a thriller.  I was reading a lot of Poe, so the characters are all pretty ambiguous, as is the story, so my first thought was that everyone and everything would need to be fleshed out.  The story was also only five pages or so, so we'd need to add to the story to make it a full length film.  I called my buddy and told him what his wife had said, texted him some after that, and have been pretty excited ever since.

As some of you might recall from my very first post, I'm blogging because I want to be a full time writer after I get my Bachelor's, and I want to get in the habit of writing everyday so that my mind is used to it.  I already have a children's book written, a novel started, and now a screen play to write.  To say the least, I can hardly wait to get done with my degree and really get down to business.  I'd really love to break into the industry.

Anyway, just thought I'd share the good news.  I was also a little proud that he had been thinking about doing something with the story when I had written it so long ago.  Must have made an impression. :)


  1. That is so exciting!
    I hope you remember your bloggy friends while being interviewed on late night...

  2. I think I was actually in that class with you too, but I can guarantee no one remembers my writing. Definitely not my thing.

    I happened upon your blog through facebook. It's an interesting read. Especially your post about you and your wife being introverts and extroverts. Totally me and my husband too. It made me laugh. Good luck with the writing!

    Brittany Ainge Wadsworth

  3. @ Missy
    Thanks for sharing my excitement. And I hope that I'll be famous enough to be interviewed late at night, that would be awesome.

    @ Brittany
    You for sure were in my class. I remember because I wanted you to read my story that I wrote as a woman in the first person. Good times...

    I'm happy you happened upon it and find it interesting. Keep on reading if you like, I'm happy to have readers.