Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Gonna Buy this Knife and Cut My Shoes Up

We went to the mall today, and my dad decided to shop on his own at Sportsman's Warehouse (my mom preferred this).  I was with my wife and my mom because they were going to by pants for my wife and my wife always looks for my ok.

My dad calls us later to come to Sears and as we approach, we see my dad, among a good sized crowd around a man with "Forever Sharp" knives.  These are surgical stainless steel, with ergonomic handles and an Air-Flow Ridge System (for faster cutting).  My dad buys some for me, my sister, and himself.  We come home and the first thing he does is look for something to cut.

He throws an orange and impales it with the knife.  Then he says, "what can I cut up now?"  He finds a tomato and says, "Oh, this is what the man at Sears used."  He then tries to cut the tomato and it falls to the floor... maybe it works better as an impaling instrument.  Then he says that the man cut up a hammer, and my wife says that he should probably not try that.

Mostly, I just love that my dad still gets excited about things.  Granted, I don't get excited about the same things he does, but I've always thought that I wanted the same amount of energy he has when my kids are out of high school.

My brother in law just walked up the stairs and my dad says, "Hey, look at this."  Then cuts something else.  Following that remark he finds an orange and decides to cut the peal off.  It's like watching a kid on Christmas.

Anyway, here's to a forty-four year old guy still getting excited about a new toy.  May we all keep that same youthful exuberance!


  1. Youthful exuberance is good. Even though you can't help but get a little cautious when people cross over into your sixties, like my dad. Everyone would pretty much keep a safe distance if he decided play with knives.

  2. Yeah, my dad is still pretty good at being safe while playing. He did read my post and said I didn't do the knives justice. He said he never impaled anything, but that he could see why I thought he had.

  3. We dads like to cut stuff up. You will too someday. It will help you deal with being a dad (feeling powerless sometimes). I have these awesome Cutco scissors that cut through pennies. Yeah sure. Rarely need for that function but still impressive.