Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let's Start My First Blogging Countdown

So, I have decided to do a countdown.  I have scraped the inner lining of my skull to find eight more things I like about Christmas.  I think I've blogged about two or three already, so that will make a total of ten or eleven.  Anyone who knows me and how I feel about Christmas will be astonished that I've come up with that many.  From now until Christmas, I will post something I like about the holiday each day.  Today I will get one out of the way that is a little hard to talk about.  Many of us try to keep this secret love hidden away, believing that if we don't say it, it might not be true, or at least no one will know.  This spits in the face of things I have said before, so this is a knock to my pride... I like presents.

I like receiving them... I'm sorry if this lessens your opinion of me, but, to quote Gallagher, "I must be true to truth."  Every year, my mom (and now my wife's mom), thinks of stuff to give me and I get it.  It's really nice.  My wife and I also decide to give each other stuff (which as married people know, really ends up being stuff for both of us).  I may not be a fan of how materialistic it makes all of us.  I may think wrapping is kind of a waste of time.  I definitely don't think the tree is necessary.  But I cannot deny that the aftermath is always nice.

Anyway, I just thought I'd get that off my chest.  I promise the rest of my list until Christmas will put me in a better light... or at least not so horrible of one.


  1. Are secrets secret if you do not tell them?

  2. If Paul would spend more time with his aunt Maggie and uncle Charlie, he would not have to scrape the inner lining of his skull to find reasons to like Christmas. If he would spend more time with his Swiss relatives the Christmas bug would have bitten Paul a long time ago and he would be a total Christmas fan. I wonder, how much longer Paul will be able to act as Mr. Scrooge - I hope, that his wife will be able to change the Scrooge into a "junior Santa Claus"

  3. @Missy
    No, they are no longer secret if you tell them. And that my dear friend, is liberating.

    Paul Might not be such a scrooge if his aunt followed his blog... just sayin. His wife does try, but I'm afraid that Green Grinch blood runs deep and it's hard to see the good... :)

  4. You are not alone, I think everyone loves presents.
    I remember one year we had christmas at my little sisters house, and at present time everyone got one except for me. I am not ashamed to admit that it hurt me deeply. I love to give presents, but it is also nice to know that someone took some time to think of you and buy you something in return.
    My husbands sister goes a bit overboard with how much she spends, and as we can not afford their budget we made a new rule this year. Nothing over $20 for the adults.

  5. That's a good rule I think. It helps people on tighter budgets (like me) to not feel bad about not getting something 'as good' as they got. I do think it's funny when you ask people what they love about Christmas they never say getting presents. It's like we're ashamed of it.