Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'd Like to Announce My Success

If you've read my previous posts you know that I have been playing Assassin's Creed.  I knew that my mom was getting me Assassin's Creed II for Christmas, and I also knew that my wife was getting me games for my birthday, so I wanted to beat the game before today (which is my birthday).

Friends, I met my goal.  Yesterday, at like, three thirty, or something, I beat Assassin's Creed I.  The game was good.  I will say that it got a little monotonous.  The game rests on the premise that human DNA carries the memories of ancestors.  "The Templars" catch you, the offspring of an assassin, and put you in a machine that makes you relive his life.  I wouldn't call this a spoiler, but it might be, but they are looking for "The Apple of Eden," which is a ball that gives the holder great power, and The Templars hope to find where it is through the memories of your ancestor.

Apparently, your ancestor only did like, six things:  Pick pockets, eaves drop, beat information out of people, save citizens from guards, and climb on high buildings to get a look around.  It's a lot of fun doing those things, but it gets old when EVERY city makes you do each of them.  And you have to do them several times in each city's districts.  It was a great game, but I know why my buddy hasn't finished it...  Apart from the monotony, the story is really good.  The ending is a little odd, but I think it will lead into the next game, which should be good.  In general, I know why Gamespot speaks so highly of it.  Consider it recommended.


    I tried playing this on my DS. When I died at the same spot for about the fiftyith time I gave up! Well done!

  2. Happy Birthday. It sounds like gaming would be on your list of awesome.

  3. @Alittlesprite
    I will say that some of the beginning parts are pretty tough. You have to get pretty far in the game before you get the abilities that allow you to fight well. In the beginning, the best idea is run.

    It certainly is. I didn't actually get into it until about six months ago. I bought an XBOX 360 and have been lost every since.

  4. It was this part where I had to jump across something, but I couldn't see where I had to land, and so died multiple times..
    My hubby has an xbox, he and our brother-in-law have a games night nearly every week. They play co-op Call of Duty.
    I'm happy with just my DS and space fighters on my PC :)

  5. Hm... I would ask where exactly it was, but I assume the Xbox and DS have differences that would make is so I couldn't figure it out. That's cool that your husband has a game night, and I will say that I'm not immune to loving first person shooters.