Sunday, November 21, 2010

Something Positive

So, my wife and I just got back from Ward Choir (Wards are what we call congregations in my church).  It's always hard to wake up on time to get to it, and they just made it an hour earlier than it used to be.  Granted, it's at nine thirty, which shouldn't be that hard considering when we wake up on week days, but it's the weekend, so cut us some slack.

We're singing "The First Noel,"  but with some Pacabel's Cannon accompaniment.  Some of the parts are really hard (specifically measure 70 for me), but it sounds VERY cool.  I'm always amazed when I hear all four parts separately and think, "how will this ever sound good with anything else,"  and then we all sing together, and to be honest, it gives me chills a little to know that my voice is a part of that.  Maybe my voice isn't a big part of that, and it may not sound very good, but it's still a part.

My wife and I were discussing how we sing some pretty difficult pieces, and how we weren't sure how good that was, but every time we hear the finished product, we realize why we worked so hard on such a difficult piece (well, difficult for me anyway).

Anyway, I just thought I'd throw in something positive this morning, it seems like so much on the Internet is negative. :)


  1. I am a poor guitar player but when I play with a group of people I get those chills you're talking about. I believe that we were all born to be creative. For me, it's the meaning of life.

  2. This is great! You should post some video of your practice sessions.

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  4. I'm with Missy. Post a video if you can. I'd love to hear it.

  5. @dbs
    I agree. I think a lot of cretivity is stifled by the need to be "great" at something. "If I can't sing like Josh Groban, I may aswell not sing at all. I'm no Michael Angelo, why should I paint?" I with you in saying that some form of creativity is a big part of why we're here.

    @Missy and Vinny
    As much as I would love to ablige, I don't think the other choir members would go for it... and I'm scared of the certain mockery.