Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Moment I Remember

Are there  moments in your life that you remember vividly, but don't really know why?  When I was in second grade, we did math problems on little worksheets with pictures of apples and baskets.  I assume my memory comes from one of the first.  I finished early, very early.  I wanted some recognition, so I went to stand in line with the people who were going to the teacher for help.  When I showed her my finished project, she violently drew a star on my paper and then whipped it off of her desk and I watched as it slowly drifted to the floor.  I remember feeling ashamed.

Looking back, I know why the teacher did it.  She assumed I was a cocky little boy who wanted to show how smart he was.  That wasn't my intention, but I'm sure it came off that way.  I often think about that incident when I say things to children.  I wonder if it is that moment that they will remember about me.  I'm not sure how healthy that is, but I can't seem to not do it.  Anyway, just a thought.

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