Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giving this a Shot

So... I've decided to be a writer (or at least give it it shot) after I get done with my undergraduate.  I'm getting a Bachelor's in Behavioral Science with a Psych emphasis because I wanted to be a therapist. The more I learn about the field the more I realize that if I want to go with the way the field is now, I will need to throw common sense out the window, and if I don't want to throw common sense out the window I will have to fight an uphill battle that I'm not particularly passionate about.  On top of that, I was watching LDS conference and got a strong impression to go in another direction, but no impression as to what direction.  My wife and I talked about all of this and decided that I had always loved writing; I may as well try to write as a career.

I've read a lot about writing, and in the reading I've several references to using social media to help in the process, so I'm starting this blog.  I also heard that blogging can be a nice way to relieve stress and get feelings on paper.  I want to do both of those things, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

On a more personal note, I have a Literature Review due tomorrow, and I still haven't read more than half of my sources.  I'm sure tonight will be hell.  Not really sure why I've procrastinated for so long.  I guess I do know why: writing this paper will suck and I've always known it so I've found more enjoyable things to do... like watching television, and playing Xbox 360.  It also didn't help that in the middle of my research I realized I didn't want to do this for a living, so it was pretty hard to maintain what little passion I had about the assignment to begin with.


  1. Blogging is absolutely a great way to alleviate stress and manage your feelings. It totally works for me. Plus, I enjoy your point of view. Welcome to the world of blogging.

  2. Thanks for the welcome. Blogging has actually already been very theraputic already; I can only imagine it gets better.