Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Natural Disaster?

It was a cold winter's night.  We huddled in our living room, food storage waiting to save us from the worst.  The light from Juno on the television danced on our condo walls.  The weatherman said this would be the worst storm in seven years, another weatherman said twenty.  The wind howled, summoning a sinking feeling inside of each of us.  Would we see our families for Thanksgiving?  Would we even be able to leave the house?  We live on the top floor, will we need to dig out others?  Amid these thoughts we waited for Juno to suddenly stop playing and to find ourselves in total darkness.  Flashlights sat, easily accessible as weapons against the impending black.  Moments seemed like hours as we calculated how fast the storm must be coming.  It hit Ogden at seven.  When will it make it to Orem?  Eight o'clock came and went, no snow.  Nine o'clock, no snow.  Juno got over.  My sister-in-law's boyfriend and I played Halo 3 until about two in the morning, no snow.

In short the storm was supposed to hit, but the best we got was a couple of flurries.  Talk about your let downs.  My wife's family lives in Richfield and they said the grocery store was out of almost everything because people were getting ready for the worst blizzard ever.  In a lot of ways I'm happy.  I don't like the snow, or at least I don't like shoveling/driving in it.  In some ways I'm thinking, "What's the deal weatherman?  You had one job to do."  After my meteorology class I realize we can't be too mad at them.  Even with the best equipment weather can be a bit dodgy.  I do think it's funny that almost all of Utah got shut down, and at least in our valley, nothing happened.  I know it hit Ogden pretty hard, but I don't think it was the worst blizzard in seven years.

Anyway, just thought it was funny.


  What it was supposed to be                 What it was


  1. Yeah. You'd think we'd learn after living here for so long how wrong the weathermen USUALLY are.

  2. Don't you hate that? Makes you want to hurt a meterologist! LOL

  3. @ Katie
    I really think we all hope they'll be competent some day, but we should stop holding our breath.

    @ Missy
    I do hate that. It's not as bad here as it was when I was living in Minnesota, but it's still pretty bad. And while I'm usual anti-violent, I wouldn't mind throwing my fist occasionally.