Monday, November 22, 2010

Allergies... Why?

While I was serving a mission for my church in Minnesota I developed allergies.  I'm sure they are to some kind of mold or fungus because every time it rains, I don't even have to go outside to know, my nose just starts running.  It's usually the worst in the summer (allergy pills sit right next to my heartburn meds every morning), but this morning is especially bad to.  I would guess it's because it snowed and isn't cold enough to keep everything frozen.

I'm pretty grateful though.  My nose running is the only real reaction that I have.  I also know about people who have allergies to peanuts, and almonds, and water, and air, and bananas, and toothpaste, and silicone and bees (which should not be hugged by anyone).  I also know that they break out in hives, and their throats close, and their eyes burn, and they die.

So, I can't complain about feeling/looking like a "snot nosed brat" every time it rains... but sometimes I still do.  Life's been good to me so far.  (obscure Eagles' lyrics joke anyone?)  And, even with my ailment of nose runs, I'm happy that I only have to deal with my trials and not everyone else's.  People often say that if we'll just look outside or ourselves and look for someone else to help, our problems won't seem so insurmountable.  This morning, I'm just saying that's true.  Not just with allergies either.  I know a lot of people who have to go through things that I would never want to, because I'm not sure that I'd make it out okay, and they're some of the same people who look at me and say they wouldn't want to go through what I go through.

This morning I'm just trying say thanks to everyone who is going through something I don't want to go through.  You make life a little easier for me, and I hope to return the favor some day.  We're all in this together, so let's act like it. :)

I was going to put some pictures of allergic reactions on here, but I decided not to, some of them are gross...


  1. Yes. Be careful when attempting to hug bees. :)

  2. Are you even old enough to remember Joe Walsh and the Eagles? I only ask because I am.

    I love your gratitude post. Reminds me that i need to update my blog as I'm getting behind in my ABC's of thankfulness again. I love any time someone pauses, takes stock of their lot, and realizes that it really isn't as bad as all that most days. That's sort of where I am most of the time.

    Are there things in my life that are less than perfect? You bet there are. However even in the things in my life that I'd prefer not to have to deal with, I remain thankful because they give me perspective in the same way that a nasty rain storm helps you appreciate the sunshine.

    Rock on, Paulsifer.

  3. @dbs
    I thought you'd enjoy that.

    @Semi True Torystellar
    I was raised on Def Lepard, AC/DC, Queen, and The Eagles. So, am I technically old enough, probably not, but I do.

    And on a more serious note, thanks for your comment. I really started the post just trying to complain about my allergies, but it developed into a realization and I'm glad it did. We really are very blessed.