Monday, May 16, 2011

One Interesting Dream

1. Blogger didn't actually destroy my posts.
2. I get to write about the three strikes rule of when to give up calling a girl today.
3. My wife loves me (not everyone has this).

So, my dream last night was interesting.  It did show me that I'm interested in my line of work though, which was nice.

I went to my elementary school.  I walked to where my old sixth grade class was and saw a different teacher than my own.  I then saw a teacher who taught there when I was younger giving me the stink eye.  When I looked at her she quickly said, "Are you a student?"  I shook my head no, "Then you need to check in with the office!"  and pointed a long finger toward the doors that lead to the office.

Looking on the dream now, I know that I didn't really walk toward the office, but where I walked looked to be an office.  I saw my old sixth grade teacher there and said hi.  She said hi back and asked why I was there.  I honestly didn't know.  I remember thinking to myself in the dream, "Yeah, why would I come here?"  A thought then popped into my head, and I said, "Well, I'm a writer.  I'm looking for my next story."  (this really isn't surprising.  My brother in law asked me last night what my next piece was going to be after finishing the two I have going)

She then walked back into a room and brought out a brown piece of paper, grotesquely cut into the shape of a human.  On the little person were four holes around its neck, they each shone a different color, then she told me to put them to my face and they all became one blinding light.  I then read what the child had written on its stomach.  I don't remember exactly what was written but it alluded to domestic violence (that's right, I can read in my dreams, not just get impressions but read actual words).  Then I thought, hey, maybe I could write a book about some kind of insane doll or something.  When I woke up I remembered there were already a bunch of those.  Oh well, still a weird dream.  I might still make it into some kind of story.

What do you cats think?  Could it be a story?

Have  nice day.


  1. Weird dreams must have been the theme or something last night. Mine was so weird I was actually going to write a post on it. Yours sounds like a better story, though.

  2. Could be a short story. Did you know, the idea for terminator came to Cameron in a dream? He saw a figure walking through fire, unharmed.

  3. Dreams can be profound, prolific, or just plain weird. It's up to us how we interperate them.
    I agree with Ant, could be a great short story.

  4. @Vinny
    Yeah, I dunno what the deal was. Something in the air... across the whole world...

    I didn't know that about The Terminator, but something similar happened with Frankenstein. Who knows, maybe I'll write a scary short story.

    I'll just say it was weird. I'd rather not put meaning to the glowing paper doll. It really was creepy looking...

    Haha, thanks guy. We'll see what happens with it. :)