Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You've Gotta Work for Your Dream... There's No Way Around it.

1. My mom made white chili and invited us over yesterday.  (so good, cannot even tell you).
2. I have the means to go to college.
3. I have a supportive wife.

Do you have those dreams that you know won't come true?  Mostly because you won't ever put in the time and effort, or take the risk to try them out?  Well friends, I have an acoustic Fender sitting in the corner of my office.  Everyday it beckons to me, and I know how to play a little.  I know all of the acoustic version of Cute without the E, or Cut from the Team

I know how to play Dammit, by Blink 182 (The edited version of course)

And I also know most of Freshman, by The Verve Pipe

Now, I never said that I played them well, but I do enjoy playing and my wife is kind enough to listen.  What I really dream of though, is being a rock star.

Hear me out on this one guys.  Wouldn't it be awesome, to do a job that people loved so much that they paid two hundred a ticket just to watch you do?  I mean, I can't imagine people paying money to cram into my tiny condo to watch me write about dating. But, to be able to stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people, playing my guts out, and them freaking out because I'm so awesome, sounds pretty great.

There are a few reasons why I know this is just a day dream though.  #1. I think more about what I'd say in between songs than what I would actually play.  In my opinion, Def Leopard had the best rock show beginning ever, with the lead vocalist screaming, "I said-a welcome to my show!  We've got the whole damn night to fall!"  Yeah, I want to scream that into a microphone SO badly (and to have it actually be my show, of course).

#2 I don't practice enough and I really didn't start early enough.  Kurt Cobain practiced something like five hours a day, playing lefty on a right handed guitar after school each day... in high school no less.  He then started his own lawn care company to fund his band, and practiced with any other time then too.  I, on the other hand, pick up my guitar and play every few days for fifteen minutes or so.

#3 I'm just not talented enough.  I know that sounds annoying, because hard work can often make up for talent, but I've tried to write my own tunes, and I get about as far as two chords and then realize I'm just playing a song I already know.  I suppose that I could work through that issue, but that would take #2 not being true.

Some of you are probably thinking that I should have a #4 reason, that of me being a Latter-Day Saint, and me having a family, but neither are really reasons not to be a rock start.  The drummer (I think) for The Killers is a Latter-Day Saint, and I imagine there are good dads in rock bands, I just don't know who they are.  Eric Clapton might fit the bill I guess...

It's cool though.  Writing is really my passion.  I throw my ideas into the world that way, even though I will never have a hoard screaming people trying to watch me type the next word, and it suits me just fine.  I just enjoy day dreaming about me saying, "On drums, so-and-so, on bass guitar, what's his face, and me, Paul, on lead vocals and guitar.  Are you ready!" (in a British accent too... why?  I'm not British).

Have a nice day.


  1. Day dreaming is the best!

    I'm a successful author turned movie producer/writer that has a cult following for his musical side projects.

    You should hear how modest I am in the imaginary interviews.

  2. There i snothing at all wrong with day dreaming. It is what keeps me sane.

  3. Day dreaming rocks! And you don't have to get into a claustrophobic tour bus to do it:)

  4. I am excellent at pushing others toward their dreams...
    You would be a Cool Rockstar Dad!

  5. Never stop dreaming and playing your guitar. I am sure your family think you are a superstar

  6. This reminds me of how I always dream of winning the lotto. I've never played the lotto in my life, but details, ya'know?

    Once I win the lotto, all my other dreams can come true, obviously.


  7. I spelled my own name wrong. :(
    Bad first impression?