Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back on Schedule... Almost.

1. Only four more weeks until week forty.
2. I got some awesome information from an author friend of mine about publishing.
3. I don't have to work in an old fashioned meat packing plant. (The Jungle has me all sad for those people.  Assuming it's accurate of course).

So, I had to wake up at eight yesterday to go to the doctor.  The night before I stayed up until three, or so, because my body is used to staying up until that time.  I was tired at the doctor, but excited because I might be able to get back on a normal cycle.  Last night I felt extremely tired at about ten.  "Yes," I thought "I might be able to actually get to sleep and wake up at a normal time."  Sure enough, I slept like a baby and when my wife woke me to make her breakfast I thought again, "YES!  I for sure got myself back on a normal schedule."  Then I tried to go back to sleep, couldn't, wandered the house for a bit, came back to bed, read a couple chapters of The Jungle and laid back down.  My alarm went off at eight thirty and I thought, "Oh, I'd like to wake up at more like nine, but with how great I'm feeling I shouldn't need an alarm."  I woke up at around one to my wife calling and asking if I was dead, because she had texted me thrice (don't I sound cooler just from using that word?), and I hadn't texted her back.

Fellow bloggers, what's the deal with me?  How could I possibly have slept that long.  It's not like I've been up for days at a time and my body finally decided it was time to crash.  I got to bed at a decent time.  I shouldn't have been four hours tired.  But alas, I will probably have a hard time sleeping again tonight.  Why does my body do this?  Do I really need that much sleep and I just don't know it?  Or has my sleeping in on weekends trained my body to get as much sleep as possibly while it can?  Either way, I feel a little disappointed that my body might be back to the same old schedule of staying up til three and waking up at noon. I sure hope not, but if it is, it will be no one's fault but my own.  Oh well, life goes on and I don't have it as bad as some people.

On a happier note, I think I'm close to being done with my book.  I really just need to do research and an incredible amount of editing, but at least the gist of what I want is down on paper... well, on laptop anyway.

Have a nice day.


  1. Go you! and on the sleep thing, you'll fall back into a normal pattern after a while, trust me. I used to be the SAME way! :)

  2. My only answer is that your body needed the rest. Listen to your body.

  3. Sounds like it's your natural circadian rhythm. Yes, Paul, your body needs that sleep. If only we could listen...

  4. Well congrats on getting your book almost done Paul. As for your body, you have to listen my friend and work with it and not against it. If it wants to sleep, just sleep!

  5. hope that you will be able to get more sleep...more sleep will make you healthier too

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  6. Did you recently get bit by a radioactive spider?

    Or something radioactive?

    If you have super powers now, you HAVE to let us know.

  7. @Robyn
    I sure hope so...

    Yeah, I may just chalk it up to that. I'm afraid I may just be lazy though. :)

    Maybe so. Now if only the whole world would run 24/7 so I could fully follow it... :)

    The real issue is that it ALWAYS wants to sleep. Thanks on the congrats by the by. It'll be my first finished book. I'll be proud of the accomplishment

    @Stock Investing
    I hope I can too. I make it a rule that if I have no intetion of reading your blog, I will not follow it, but I will hop over and take a look.

    I don't have to do anything... except make sure to shave off the wings growing out of my shoulderblades. Hurts like the dickens, but I'm afrain I won't be able to get a job if I don't... dang, I probably shouldn't have written that...