Friday, May 27, 2011

Mr. Sniffles

1. Sprite told me how to fix the commenting problem.
2. I memorized The Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll a year or so ago, and recalled all of it this morning.
3. My mom said she'd help my wife and me get the bag together to take to the hospital.

Well, the seasons are officially changing now.  Birds are chirping, rain has fallen, grass is growing, and it's obvious mold is growing too.  How do I know?  Because I went through about a hundred tissues this morning.  Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but every year my wife and I know that going from spring to summer is the time I start going through the Kleenex.

My allergies developed while I was on my mission in Minnesota.  I guess I had to take the good with the bad.  I'm not sure if they would have developed if I hadn't gone to the land of 10,000 lakes, and there's no way of knowing, but regardless, I have them now.  The reason that I've come to the conclusion that it's an allergy to mold is that my nose only starts dripping the day after it rains, and it's warm.  So, rain falls, moistens mold cultures (or whatever they're called), the sun beats down, giving a perfect growing environment, they release spores and make Paul feel like he's seven again, begging the teacher to let him have a tissue before he starts eating his own snot.

There really seem to be no other side effects besides a runny faucet, which makes me think I should stop complaining.  Other people deal with hives, or itchy eyes, or death.  All I deal with is a little germ propulsion (sneezing), right onto other people.  Oh yeah.  So, it's not like I have it too bad, but it is mildly annoying and kind of embarrassing when I'm talking to someone important and have to quickly excuse myself to snort and sniffle into a facial wipe, and then try to explain that it's allergies and isn't contagious.  Good times.  But again, I know that some people eat strawberries and their throats close off, so I'm not too mad about being Mr. Sniffles.  Anyway, just thought I'd share how things were going with my nostrils, because I knew you were interested.

Have a nice day.


  1. Allergies suck, sorry they are messing with you.

  2. I haven't allergy problems in years, but will all of this rain they have started. I am miserable...
    Hope you get the Sniffles under control!

  3. Not sure this knowledge helps, but it is a vicious allergy season this year.
    Love Lewis Carrol.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I am sick the entire winter. ENTIRE WINTER :(
    Hope yours clears up soon. :)

  5. allergies are no fun. Mine tend to lead to sinus infections which feel like your face is going to explode. Icky

  6. Way to fight the bandersnatch with your positive attitude.

  7. Seasonal allergies are THE worst! I, myself am an allergy ridden creature. I feel your pain!!

    p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog. We love to meet new bloggers! Sorry it took me so long to swing by your place.

  8. @OT
    It's cool. Thanks though.

    Sorry hear they're coming back for you.

    I've heard that. And I love him too. :)

    I'm sorry about that. Mine only comes when seasons change... and generally all the time, but then it's not too bad.

    Ugh, I'm sorry. Luckily mine don't go that far (usually).

    Haha, thanks.

    Glad to have others feeling what I am. And no worries about it taking you a while. Life is busy. I understand.

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