Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Gettin' Real.

1. My Internet started working again.
2. My mom threw my wife a great baby shower on Saturday.
3. I got the amazing opportunity to ordain one of my friends an Elder in my church.

As the second thing that has been going right says, my wife had a baby shower on Saturday.  We got all kinds of awesome stuff, that now sits in our house, still in the bags, and waiting for us to write down who they are all from so we can write thank you notes.

Looking around my house now, us having a baby seems all the more real (not to mention that I am learning to find the head, back and feet of the baby, still in my wife's womb).  I'd like to go into a rant about how it all freak me out, because that would likely be funny, but I make it a point to make this blog as honest as possible, and it doesn't freak me out at all.  I'm really excited to be a daddy.  I want to explain the world to my child and help them decide what they think about it.  I want to go to tee ball games and try my best to teach them to stop on ice skates.  Even when it's still a baby, I'm excited to hold it, and learn what I am supposed to do to take care of it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still don't feel ready.  I'm still nervous and dont' yet see myself as a dad, but that doesn't really scare me.  I've done lots of things that I didn't feel ready for and this is just another one to add to the list.  Sure I'll mess up.  Sure I don't exactly know how to change a diaper, but I'm not scared to learn.  It'll be one more adventure in my life, just like marriage was.  It'll be a change, and changes can be fun with the right outlook.  I'll get to have a minion of my own who will probably look a little like me.  Let's be honest here, who doesn't want a shorter version of themselves to do their evil bidding?  Most people have to make them in test tubes, or buy expensive robots that are constantly in the shop getting fixed anyway.  Sure, mine will be expensive, and will think for itself, but I'm still pretty sure that I can get it to mow my lawn, and take out garbage, you know?  My evil bidding.

Anyway, it's just starting to seem more real and I'm stoked.

Have a nice day.


  1. Very cool Paul, I'm glad you're happy! You will be a great Dad!

  2. Aww. So exciting. It really is such a fun journey. Those first few months are magical. Seriously.

  3. i think you have the right attitude AND the makings of one great dad!!!!

  4. You can also get them to fetch you stuff when you don't feel like getting

    You will be a great Daddy. I just know it :)

  5. @ Robyn
    I sure hope so. :)

    Yeah, I'm really stoked. I started reading that book you lent (sp?) me. I sure hope my baby is easy... :)

    Hey thanks. I want to follow your blog, but couldn't find a way.

    I know right? The bidding they can do is endless. "Hey son, could you get me a glass of water, oh, and while you're up, could you take over the world too?" It's gonna be great. :)

  6. Oh I remember what you're feeling. It's scary and great.