Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Got Duped. You Don't Need to Tell Me I Did

1. I have a cousin who actually wants me to go to his high school performances.
2. My wife starts having weekly check-ups now (it means the time comes swiftly).
3. My condo has two bathrooms.

Today's post will kind of be a bash on myself.  My buddy posted this hilarious thing on facebook.  It looks a little something like this:

To say the least, I laughed pretty hard when I read it.  It makes you imagine a scene of three marines kicking the trash out of a criminal, and I'm juvenile so that's funny to me.

I commented about how I thought that it was funny, and shortly after my comment there's one of his friends who posts something about how this news article is fake, that a guy did stab a Marine, but nothing else happened.  Even the guy's name is wrong, and it has been floating around the Internet for years.  I really didn't care so much if it was real or not, it was a funny story.  I wasn't going to google for a source.  But it did take away some of the magic.  Even if it didn't happen, it could have.  Reality was suspended by wires of humor and this guy clipped those wires, allowing the story to plummet and robbing it of its comedic value.

Now, I'm not saying I haven't done things like this before.  When I know something is fake I like to sound smart just like the next guy.  I like to show that, unlike all the rest of the morons, I have not been duped.  Yet, in my arrogance, I'm taking happiness from people.  It's not like there's going to be some random cult that pops up because of these images.  People's lives won't change for the worse just because they read this.  If anything, it will instill a love for country and servicemen, and why is that so bad?  I need to just chill out, and so does everyone else.  Not all stories need to be true to be funny or important.  Not all truth needs to be pointed out.

A note to my family and friends:  This post does not mean that I want you to point out when I'm a kill joy.  I know when I do it, and I'll call myself out on it.  I'll be fine without help on this one.

So, if you find that you're a kill joy, lighten up.  Life is long, life is good, and people don't always tell the truth.  That's life, and we might as well be happy about it, even if we aren't the ones being duped.

Have a nice day.


  1. Paul I still enjoyed the article and got a great chuckle out of it.... I like your style of writing as well. :-)

  2. Excellent conclusions all =)

  3. The truth - the whole truth, anyway - is highly overrated.

  4. Hah hah, fake or not, the article makes lawl as well.

  5. @Doyle
    Thanks. I'm actually writing a book right now that will be chock full of my writing. :)

    Thanks. I do try. :)

    AGREED... for the most part. I really do like being a know-it-all though. It's a fault of mine.

    Me too.

    It is a good one huh?

    I sure think so.