Friday, May 13, 2011

I Want to Think of Something Else to Write About, but I've Got Nothing

1. I get to write the "getting her number" part of my book today.  SO EXCITED!
2. My wife only has reviews and tests left and then she's done teaching for the year. (She teaches high school, I don't know if I've mentioned that).
3. Cell Phones.  Not to sound old or whatever, but I don't remember what we did without them.  I know there are annoyances associated with them, but I'm focusing on the conveniences today.

Okay, I think this happened to some of you too, and maybe Blogger will fix it, but two of my pages are gone.  I know it doesn't matter in the grand scheme, but I really liked them.  The first was about how I got all mad about getting my wife's food and how I didn't know if I should feel guilty about it, and then I got some wicked awesome comments about how I shouldn't and about how there must be something to it because I felt guilty.  The second was me explaining that I shouldn't feel guilty, but that I did because I had super human expectations, and how AC brought this to my attention, and how my wife told me that there were lots of people who didn't want to go to work, but they did it anyway and that sometimes it's just the doing, not the wanting that matters.  They were posts that taught me something about myself.  I worked through some of my shortcomings in those two posts, but I know I can't recreate them.  I'm a different person today than I was two days ago.  I can't fully express exactly what I was feeling, only vaguely what I remember.

Anyway, I don't mean for this to sound all dramatic.  I won't lose my mind over it, but it does bother me a little.  I guess I just wanted to preserve what I could remember, knowing that I'll probably not have the two posts back.  Anyway, as I said in the things I'm grateful for, I'm writing the digits part of the book today.  I'm most excited because that's the part I loved most about the dating game.  It was pure adrenaline, walking up to those girls and asking them out.  I remember sitting in the food court at the University with some buddies.  One of them commented on the attractiveness of a girl, and I asked why he didn't ask her out.  He gave me a funny look and said that was stupid.  So, I got up, walked over to her, and asked.  She had a boyfriend I think, but the look on my friends' faces was classic.  The rest of the time until our next class was filled with them picking out girls and me asking for their numbers.  I was an adrenaline junky of the worst kind.  So uh, I may not like what happened to blogger, but I'm excited to get to writing, so I'm going to do that.

Have a nice day.


  1. Paul, I was going to comment how honored I was about the things you said and that I only left a comment, you did all the work.

    I agree, it's a small thing, but frustrating nonetheless. In my case Blogger ate some replies and comments, including yours. They claim they'll restore them, but...laziness had me not backing up my blog. Lesson learned.:)

  2. So it seems that now your posts are back. I think mine are all there. I was following their tweets and they said that they had to temporarily remove some posts. But that they would put them back asap.

  3. @AC
    I don't back up my blogs either. I really don't plan on going to the work to be honest. It's good I got these back though, they were good. I think comments are lost forever though. Oh well. :)

    I should probably start following them on Twitter. I started an account but have found no real need for it. I don't know why to follow others (except in this case) and I don't know why they would follow me.

  4. My comments on the Lemoine vid are gone. Blogger says that they are currently working on restoring them. Agreed, backing up seems time-consuming.