Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sally, Part 36

+Sally, Part 35

All three men poured out of the hole and started retracing their steps through the alleys as quickly and quietly as they could, all the while, listening to their pursuers cuss them.  Syrin was incredibly nimble, often jumping over obstacles that Stacey and Mattias had to go around.  Occasionally he would start moving toward a wall, and then stop when he thought of if his comrades could climb it like he could, and then he would start down the alley again.  Finally, they came to a building with boxes stacked and leading up to a second story window.  Syrin scaled it easily while Mattias helped Stacey up them.  In time, all three were standing in a room with three beds, one dresser, a couple of backpacks, and a little stool next to a bucket.  Syrin immediately went to the backpacks while Mattias laid on the nearest bed.

"What is this place?"  Stacey was still standing in the middle of the room, breathing heavily.

"It's the upper room to The Mace and Sword."  Mattias's eyes were closed and his hands were behind his head.

"Won't they look for us here?"

"Probably, but not tonight.  Our benefactor, downstairs tending bar, believes too much in the cause to care if this is a good idea."

Syrin came up with his daggers and started his nightly ritual.

"We just got up here, and he's already starting with this?"

"It's how he makes it through.  Keeps him focused."

"Syrin!  We almost died.  Can't you just take one second and..."

"He can't hear you.  I once tried to talk with him, but he never missed a beat.  It's like he's in another dimension or something."

Syrin startled both of them, "Hardly.  I just didn't want to talk to you, just as I don't want to now."

Mattias and Stacey were both dumbfounded, and then Mattias started to laugh and Stacey followed suit.  Syrin never cracked a smile, but continued undaunted.

"We'd better get some sleep.  We have a lot of miles to cross tomorrow, and we won't do it if we're tired.  Go to bed.  Syrin will sleep when he's finished."

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