Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sall, Part 31

Sally, Part 30.

New enterprise?  It seemed certain now.  Stacey was about to become a slave.  Maybe he'd be sold as a cook though.  That wouldn't be too bad.  It'd basically be like being a cook for a ship.  Mattias looked over at Syrin, who wasn't quite and quick to believe that Stacey's stumbling in was a good omen.  "Are you sure you're okay Stacey?"

Mattias slapped Stacey on the back, "Of course he's okay.  Just look at him.  Color's even coming back into his cheeks."

"I'm just not sure he's the right guy for the job."

"How can you not be sure?  You saw how he dealt with those pirates."

"A drunken gorilla would have had the same effect."

Mattias turned sober, "Syrin.  I'm telling you, this is the man for the job."At this Syrin looked down, obviously unconvinced, but wasn't about to question Mattias.  Mattias grinned again, "Trust me Syrin, Stacey's our man.  Why, just as soon as he gets a little more color we'll talk about what we brought him to this fine establishment for.

Stacey reeled and started looking around the 'fine' establishment.  It was obviously a meeting place for the low lives of Andrill.  The beams were rotting, the glasses were dirty, and it was hard to tell if the barkeep had ever touched soap... or water for that matter.  Stacey's puke wasn't even cleaned.  A large man even walked in it while Mattias was trying to convince Syrin of Stacey's worth.  To be fair though, it really didn't change the look of the floor, or the smell, so maybe there really wasn't a reason to clean it.  The Mace and Sword seemed like a perfect place for them to talk about selling men to the highest bidder, but by what Mattias had said, Stacey wasn't going to be sold, but lent out, or worse, maybe they were going to ask him to be a partner.  Stacey wasn't sure which idea he disliked more.


  1. Yeah... I hate when people say I'd be "just the man for the job" too. Never goes well.

    1. I know right? It's like letting me know I'm screwed for sure.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah. I can't just have Stacey get off easy though, can I?