Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sally, Part 34

Sally, Part 33

"Nice spot Syrin.  How'd you see it?"  It was too dark to see in their hiding spot, but Mattias was still smiling.

"I figured this would happen, so I walked through these alleyways before meeting you at the bar.  There are more of these than you'd think, but this was the first one we made it to where they wouldn't see us duck in."

"Well, good.  You okay Stacey?"

Stacey sucked in a large breath of air before answering, "Yeah, I'm fine."  Another long breath, "I just need a moment."

Syrin made his way to the opening and poked his head out.  "It looks like they're gone.  You wanna answer that question now?"

"Um... well, it doesn't seem like I have much of a choice..."

"You do," Mattias touched his shoulder, "Syrin just doesn't trust anyone.  It's his brother you know?  So, the more people who know what we're doing, the better the chance is we'll be caught and killed, and if that happens, his brother's death will be all but certain.  He's just a little extreme."

"Extreme?  I think it's extreme of you to keep so many people alive.  I don't know of many ghosts who get back at the people who stabbed them in the back, and Stacey's in a great position to do just that."

"I disagree.  They've seen him with us.  Him going to them would be the same as him putting a gun to his head."

"I guess."

"So, with that out of the way, what do you say?  Do you want to risk life and limb to give a slave his freedom?"

The words sounded bitter to Stacey.  He couldn't believe Mattias was still hiding behind the guise of 'Freedom Bringer.'  Without thinking about the repercussions, Stacey answered, "Freedom.  Give freedom?  I know what you are.  I heard some men talking on the ship.  You don't give people freedom, you only steal slaves from one slaver to sell to another.  And what's worse is how you enslaved all of us on the ship, by making us think we were free.  I don't want to work for you, just to help enslave more people.  And I don't care if Syrin kills me for it, I'm tired of you lying to me."


  1. Oh no he didn't just say that!

    1. What can I say? Mattias created a brave little monster who suddenly has nothing else to live for.