Friday, March 9, 2012

Sally, Part 30

Sally, Part 29

If Stacey wasn't already dizzy enough, this certainly put him over the edge.  He could feel the room spin, and then suddenly go dark.  When his eyes opened again everything was blurry.  Slowly, his eyelids opened and closed until he could finally see the face of Mattias right above him and Syrin standing a little behind.

"There he is.  Goodness Stacey, you gave us quite a scare."  Mattias was grinning from ear to ear.  At the sight of him Stacey's stomach lurched and he quickly rolled to throw up on the dirty, wooden floor.  "Whoa!  What happened to you?"

Stacey's head reeled as he tried to think of something, anything to say that would sound plausible and not give him away.  He started talking, hoping something might come to him, "Um... well, I was walking through Andrill..."


Nothing was coming.  Stacey could feel himself start to panic when the bar keep unwittingly came to his rescue, "Why, I'll bet it was those damn kids."

Mattias looked at him, surprised.  "Those 'damned' kids?"

"Uh, yes sir.  They've been drugging people and robbin' 'em."

Stacey grabbed on to the story like it was his last breath, "Yeah.  I only vaguely remember, but I think some kids stabbed me with something."

"That's odd, people been sayin' they put somethin' over your mouth."

"Uh, that's... that's what I meant."

Mattias gave Stacey a questioning look, "Kids huh?  Well, it's good your here at any rate.  Amazing that you were somehow able to remember to come here even after being poisoned, but maybe this is fate's way of letting us know that our new enterprise is the right one."


  1. He got lucky this time. Good thing bystanders like to throw in their two cents.