Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top Dog

Top Dog had been in charge of the pack of wild dogs for many years.  Over that time he was able to talk them away from hunting for what would feed the pack, and to obsess over The Allusive White Rabbit.  In his tenure he ate most of the food that had been hunted before he came to power, and was seldom called out on it because most of the pack did little but chase The White Rabbit, and occasionally hunt for something else when they were starving.

Eventually, Top Dog died, and a new Top Dog was to be chosen.  The new Top Dog chosen was a dog of high moral ideals, who had been one of the few to ignore The White Rabbit and stand up to Top Dog.  He had many ideas about what the pack should be doing, and how to quickly get them out of the food shortage that they were in.

When he first became Top Dog he tried to implement his plans, but found much resistance from many of the other dogs who were still obsessed with The White Rabbit.  The new Top Dog, instead of listening to their concerns, called them all idiots and accused them of being blind to his predecessor's tricks and lies, leaving them offended, and when he tried to explain his ideas they would close their ears and talk of how he had been rude to them about their wanting to catch The White Rabbit.

Soon, the pack did not listen to Top Dog, but continued to chase The White Rabbit, all the while Top Dog would bark and whine as loudly as he could, but to no avail. 

You may be Top Dog, but if you cannot disagree with someone without offending them, you might as well be the same leader that was there before.


  1. Top Dog needs some lessons in diplomacy.

    1. He sure does. I wish I was better at writing these. Aesop's were always so simple, and I have the hardest time not putting in a bunch of detail. Sigh. :)

    2. I thought it was nicely written. And the moral came across clearly :)

    3. Thanks Sprite. You're always so encouraging. :)