Monday, September 19, 2011

Sally, Part 21

1. Got to eat lunch with an old friend who remembered he owed me ten bucks (gotta love the friend who remember they owe you money even when you forget).
2.  My copy of Alan Wake comes tomorrow.
3.  Got two new followers.  Welcome to both of you.

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You'll need to read Part 20 for this post to make much sense.   

"Mattias!"  The other ship's captain had a device called a voice projector.  It was really just an enchanted horn that made your voice loud when you spoke into it.  They were sold at most magic shops and almost all pirate captains had one, so that they could call out orders to their victims.  "Mattias, I know that ship is yours!  Surrender peacefully or we will continue firing and your crew will die with you."

Stacey looked around to see the crew's reaction, but got nothing from them, other than the group of dwarves and gnomes as they scurried below deck.  Mattias then jumped up on the side of the boat and held on to some of the rigging as he yelled back, "Captain Tiamus!  You know as well as I do that my crew is too loyal to me to..."  And his last word was cut off by an incredible blast of cannon fire that struck Tiamus's ship, most importantly his rudder.  Mattias's smile was so big Tiamus must have seen it.

Tiamus's ship let loose its own volley that damaged the ship, but did not destroy her.  Mattias's crew were at their station before the volley hit, and the ship was quickly sailing away from the pirates.  Tiamus's men also ran to stations, but quickly found out that they could go nowhere but straight.  "Damn you Mattias!  We will catch you!  You will pay for this!"

Stacey watched as Tiamus's ship slowly turned into nothing but a speck on the horizon.  The battle had not been what Stacey had imagined.  The crew threw the lifeless boy overboard while Stacey watched Tiamus's ship disappear, so that Stacey wouldn't have to see him again.  It was bloody and quick.  There was no real hero, every man stood and fought for his own piece of ground, for his own life.  The crew had been lucky, only a few were wounded, and the healer was able to quickly take care of their wounds before they got too severe.  The pirates had not been so lucky.  The boy had not been so lucky.


  1. Poor cook! That will probably haunt him for the rest of his life.

  2. Came by to say hello.
    Will this be a short story or novel?
    Alan Wake looks really good.

  3. @ Randy, very true. But, that's what happened, I couldn't change it.

    Hello, I'm glad you came by.
    Probably a novella. It's coming out longer than I thought it would.
    It is good. Great story telling. I'm really trying not to play it now though because I want to play it during October for Halloween. It's creepy. :)

  4. I'll have to wait till you're finished and I have more time.

    Really want to play it. Looked at some reviews and it looks like a great storyline. Reminds me of X-files.

    It's exclusive though, which is unfortunate.:(

    So many games on my list, but they're not fun unless I can play for hours. (Still haven't finished Portal 2 for that reason). Sorry, rambling about games.

  5. Whatever works for you.

    It is a lot like X-Files, well, at least the one episode I've played. The storyline is really what makes it great, that and the camera angle mixed with the music. Makes it pretty scary.

    Ramble away. Gaming is a hobby that takes time, and sometimes it's hard to find the time.