Monday, September 12, 2011

Sally, Part 16

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3.  Season 7 of The Office is awesome.

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You'll need to read Part 15 for this post to make much sense. 

How many kinds of pirate were there?  They sailed around, ambushing unsuspecting ships, and taking whatever they wanted.   If it came down to the flag they raised or the colors they wore, Stacey was hardly interested.  "What kind Mattias?"  Stacey's words dripped with sarcasm, "The kind who shoot first, or the kind who ask questions first?"

Mattias chuckled a little, "That's a good question.  To be honest, I guess that would depend on the situation..."

Stacey had decided that he wouldn't be a coward anymore.  It didn't matter if he died on this ship, "Mattias.  I do not care.  Pirates are pirates."

The ever present smile on Mattias's face had left.  "Is that really what you think?  Do you think we're just ambushers of merchant ships?"

"If The Jolly Roger fits..."

"Have you seen The Roger flown on our ship."

"I honestly hadn't looked."

"We don't fly pirate colors, and we don't live pirate lives."  Mattias was starting to sound agitated.

"Then what do you do!  Why'd you shoot my captain and why'd you steal his boat?  Aside from you being nice to the crew I'd say all clues point to pirate."

In a flash of light Mattias produced his rapier and put it to Stacey's throat.  "I should kill you for that.  If we really were pirates, we should have killed the cook a long time ago.  I shouldn't even know his name."

Stacey was suddenly wishing he hadn't been so rude.  He didn't want to be a coward anymore, but then, he didn't want to be dead either.  The blade came a little closer, and Stacey tried to hold his ground.  Mattias's eyes grew hard and stared into Stacey's as Stacey tried desperately to match.  "Bravery isn't stupidity, Stacey.  It's standing for what's right when you need to, even when you have to die for it.  It's not trying to sass a man who has held your life in his hands for days, but hasn't taken it from you."

Stacey's eyes tried to drop, but all he could see was sword.  "Okay then, if you're not pirates, what are you?"

Mattias took his rapier from Stacey's throat, and his smile came back.  "Well, in the eyes of most governments in the world, we're pirates."

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