Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sally, Part 19

1.  I'm pretty sure I did well on my first test of the semester.
2.  My daughter (all inclusive)
3.  It's the weekend for me now, so I might be able to get some sleep.

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You'll need to read Part 18 for this post to make much sense. 

Mattias and the crew had congregated on the quarter deck to devise a plan.  In all honesty the situation looked bleak, much worse than Stacey could have guessed.  They were out manned, and had been caught by surprise.  Mattias had been in tight spots before, but even he couldn't see a way out of this one, and the crew could see it on his face.  The other ship's men were already boarding, which meant that he couldn't place his men in any strategic way, they were on the quarter deck, and that's where they would make their stand.  He also couldn't have them try to run, because there weren't enough men to fight who had boarded AND get the ship going. 

So, when Mattias heard a barbaric yell that burst from below the deck, quickly followed by what looked to be a mad man on a rampage, he suddenly had hope.  If Mattias wanted a rally cry, if he wanted surprise, if he wanted to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy, he couldn't have devised a better plan than The Devil's Butcher.  Stacey was their saving grace and didn't even know it.  All he knew was that he didn't want to let Sally down.

Not a man of convention or pride, Mattias drew his sword, grabbed his pistol, and joined in the war cry of The Butcher from below. The crew, after seeing their make shift captain take heart, followed suit and soon the band of brothers were pushing against their attackers, who had already been put on their heels by the bloodthirsty cook (or so they thought).

Stacey, once again, showed how lucky a man can be.  Without knowing it, he had thrown himself headlong into a group of pirates who prided themselves on killing an entire village, not because the village had something they wanted, but because they enjoyed killing people.  If Stacey had known, he probably wouldn't have ran in the way he did, but then, if he hadn't ran in, they wouldn't have had any chance at all.


  1. I'm sorry man. I became really busy and got behind. I will try to read the parts I've missed this weekend.

  2. That's how life goes man. I'm not taking it off, so whenever you get around to it.

  3. LOL! funny :)

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