Friday, June 10, 2011

The Quasi Annual Hoo-Rah

1.  I have a wife who let's me hang out with my friends.
2.  I have lots of friends and family who want to help me edit my book.
3.  The sun is shining here in Utah, and the sky is blue.

I am about to embark on an adventure.  Well, not so much an adventure as a night spent with my high school buddies, cooking outside, talking around a fire, and sleeping in the same dwelling, but in separate beds...  I'm talking about The Quasi-Annual Friends' Camping Trip!  The reason I say quasi is that we've only done it one other year and while I REALLY want it to happen every year, I'm not getting my hopes too high.

Last year was awesome.  We went to Fish Lake and camped for a few days.  Shot some skeet, played a little D&D, cooked outside, and just caught up on everything.  Basically, we did a bunch of manly stuff and felt great.  My buddy got us some "No Wifies Allowed" t-shirts and away we went.

This year is going to be a little more small scale because my wife is having a baby and I didn't want to be gone too long in case she goes in to labor.  My friends have been really cool about it, but shortening the trip for me was probably not something they intended to do.  Anyway, we're going out to Five Mile Pass (I've never camped there), but we hope to have a little cell coverage in case my wife has a surprise labor (which I doubt) and it's close to home since we'll only be gone an evening.  Either way, it'll still be a blast and we'll still catch up just like we want to.  By the end of the trip we'll probably miss our wives again, but the fun will be too undeniable to not do it again next year (I hope).

I'd better finish up because I still have mushrooms and onions to cut up (to fry up with the steaks, because my buddy is awesome enough to bring his camp chef), and I still have to get a few other things together.  But uh, here's to hoping your weekend will be as awesome as mine will.

Have a nice day.


  1. That sounds so awesome... Have a great time my friend!

  2. have fun with all that grunting, scratching and boy stuff.

  3. @AC
    Haha, for real though. But when people asked why I just put 'awesome' and I told them why, they'd understand. :)

    Oh, we did buddy...

    As surprising as this may sound, I'm not a big fisher. I was when I was younger, but I don't like the taste of fish, and I'd be just as happy reading a book.

    Thanks man.

    Thanks. We did have a great time.

    We did. Thank you.