Tuesday, June 14, 2011

$1 a Day is Totally Worth it

1. I was able to get some Claritin D yesterday.
2. I played golf this morning.  Like, third or forth time in my life...
3. We can buy Mt. Dew that is made with actually sugar.

My allergies were horrible again a couple of days ago.  Here in Orem there's a celebration we have called Summer Fest.  It's a carnival, a parade, and fireworks.  We went with my mom to the fireworks and happened to sit right near three or four big pine trees.  I'm almost sure I'm allergic to pollinating pines now.  I could not stop sneezing.  After they were over my wife and I went to Target to get me some allergy pills.  We couldn't get Claritin D because the pharmacy was closed, so I settled for some Benadryl with the decision to go back the next morning.

Friends, I looked like a zombie the next morning.  My eyes were blood shot, and it looked like I'd been in a fight the day before.  My mouth gaped open as I tried to breathe.  It was horrible, and I needed drugs.  I went back to Target, but forgot Kleenex, so my first order of business when I got there was to grab a box, rip it open, and start using it before purchasing it.  They usually don't care if you do this, but I would have done it even if they did, I simply couldn't go without.

After I had Kleenex in hand, I went to where you get the little paper that you take the pharmacy that says you want the drugs (I guess because you can't convey that to them in words...).  So, I stagger up to the counter and hand the woman the slip of paper.  It is for the generic version of Claritin D.  She walks on back, looks on a shelf and then leans out saying, "I'm sorry, we're out of that." She's about to walk back to me, when I gasp, "Then get me some Claritin D."  I kid you not, I looked like a zombie, why she didn't just grab the Claritin is beyond me.  She then asks if I want the five pack of the fifteen.  People, I am squinting through two puffy eyes and holding a Kleenex under them to catch the tears.  Why did she think I would get better in five days?  So I told her the fifteen and she heads on back.

I hand her the Kleenex and ask her to "Ring this up to.  I had an emergency."  She rings up both and it comes to twenty something dollars.  As I walk out of the store I notice that I paid eighteen dollars for fifteen days worth of Claritin D.  At first I was a little annoyed, but then I realized why it was so much.  My allergies had me by the balls.  I was willing to pay way more than a dollar a day to support my delusion that they might loosen up if I fed them something.  To be honest, I don't know why they don't charge more.  My only thought is that then they'd have another crazed group of people trying to break into pharmacies to try and get their Claritin fix.  I know I would have that morning anyway.  I would have been violent.

But anyway, I got my Claritin and feel better enough to think eighteen dollars was worth it.  My allergies have more or less let go of my testicles now, and I can function.  I'll just leave you with that little image.  Have a nice day.


  1. I am glad I don't suffer from allergies.

  2. Hey Paul, I met you through Tracy's meet and greet :)

    I'm with OT on this one, I'm also super grateful I don't suffer from allergies! You have my sympathy!


  3. Glad to see you're functional again. Also very glad I don't have any allergies.

  4. I just got allergies for the first time this year. I used to live in extremely humid climates and now live in a much more dryer climate. My first allergy attack, I had no idea what was going on and convinced I was dying. I actually rushed into my doctor's office and announced my impending death and this was a truth-fact. My doctor proceeded to mock me in the exam room...

    I now have medication for allergies, and prey I never forget top refill or take them, so I don't find myself in your predicament...

  5. I don't have allergies so therefore my balls are okay too. ;)

  6. not sure how I landed on your blog. But you have my sympathies. I can't seem to find anything that helps. I have been taking nasty benadryl at night which seems to help me get some rest. I am afraid to step out side if the wind is blowing.

  7. @OT
    I'm glad you don't either.

    I'm happy you don't suffer either, and welcome.

    Thanks. And I'm glad you don't have to deal with them.

    That's awesome. It's totally how you feel though. It's liek your body has suddenly decided to fall apart for no apparent reason.

    Haha, I told my wife that allergies had me by the balls. That's when I knew what I would blog about the next day. :)

    I'm not sure either, but I'm glad you did. And I totally feel that. If the wind blows, and I know pine trees are close, I usually try to just stay away. Can't wait til they stop pollinating.

  8. Totally know how you feel. I stopped taking my inhaler and now I'm all snotty and chesty again. :(

  9. i know how you feel i get allgery shots for my allgeries

    Everyday Life

  10. @Sprite
    I'm sorry. Being sick really does suck.

    You probably know how I feel, but I don't know how you feel. I've never been bad enough for shots.