Monday, April 23, 2012

Sally, Part 38

Part 37

Mattias waited for Stacey to finish and the two of them found Syrin waiting for them just outside the bar, holding backpacks that made Stacey's back sore just to look at.

"Took you long enough."  Syrin handed one pack to Mattias.

"Just needed some breakfast.  Which way are we going?"

"I tried to gather where they thought we were going and who they were exactly, but they've got the usual pigeons payed off too well."  Stacey was amazed at how heavy his pack was, but equally amazed at how light it felt on his back.  Syrin was an expert at weight placement and didn't want Stacey slowing them down.

"Then I guess we take the pass and hope for the best."

"I guess so.  Wish we had time to figure out the safest path."

"If we wait any longer there won't be a safe path."

"True enough."

Without any kind of warning, Mattias and Syrin started walking North, away from Andrill, away from the sea, away from ships and crews and everything Stacey knew.  In the distance Stacey could see two mountains stabbing sharply into the sky.  "The pass."  He help but feel a little nervous.  If even half the stories he heard about mountains were true, he couldn't think of a reason to walk toward them.  Maybe Mattias and Syrin planned to feed him to something there.  The idea of being eaten by something that lurked around the cold hard rock made him shiver.

"Keep up Stacey."  Mattias and Syrin were already several yards in front of him.

"Sorry Mattias.  Just day dreaming a bit."

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