Monday, February 27, 2012

Sally, Part 26

Sally, Part 25.  As always, share with your friends, and hope you enjoy it.

Stacey began watching Mattias more closely.  Why was The Captain so worried?  What was keeping him up late at night?  He appeared so transparent to Stacey before that his current actions felt queer.  Was he here to free people as he said, or was he really just enslaving them farther?  As Stacey watched, he noticed that Mattias spent an inordinate amount of time with Syrin.  At first, this seemed to back up what Stacey knew of Syrin.  But what did he really know?  Nothing.  Only what Mattias had told him.  Maybe Syrin was never actually a slave, but a slaver, who was now looking for more slaves, and Mattias was simply his collector.  This made Stacey watch Syrin closely too, and not just during his daily dance.  At meals, Syrin tended to eat alone.  He also seldom talked while he worked.  Possibly, he was trying to distance himself from those who would soon be under his lash.  Stacey also forgot everything he knew about elves.  They were sneaky and manipulative, often cutthroats and thieves.  Had some been enslaved int he past?  Sure.  But not all of them, and even if some had been, why would that make them trustworthy?  On top of that, Stacey noticed what the sailor had about Mattias.  His complexion was obviously very pale, and he did try to cover it up.  Why would he by lying about something like that?  And one time the wind did push his hair back, and just as the sailor had said, his ears had two tips at the top, and almost no earlobe.  There was also a tattoo on the back of his neck, though Stacey couldn't make out what it was of.

As Stacey sat in his kitchen stewing about all that he had seen he grew uneasy.  Maybe he could make a run for it at the next port.  That's it, he would pretend to be buying goods at the grocers, but instead, he would just run and hide somewhere outside the city, where Mattias would never find him.  It wouldn't be too hard.  He was often gone for hours when they docked.  He would be long gone before anyone even knew he was missing.  That was the plan, he just needed to keep his eyes open for the right time.

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